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    As the victim of a bus accident in Brighton, you have the right to recovery. Our attorneys can help you file a lawsuit so that you are fully compensated for your damages.

    When dealing with a bus accident in Brighton, start by reporting the incident to the police. Then, document your injuries by immediately seeking care from medical professionals. Once you have done that, our attorneys can start obtaining evidence. After we have built a strong claim, we can file your lawsuit in court. Typically, this must be done within three years of the event. If your case does not settle and goes to court, we will aim to prove the defendant’s fault using the evidence we previously gathered. When successful, you can recover compensation for all damages incurred due to the accident, such as compensation for your medical bills as well as your pain and suffering

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    Dealing with Bus Accidents in Brighton, NY

    Because bus accident injuries often leave victims with expensive medical bills and other damages, knowing how to deal with such incidents will be important. You should start by reporting the accident to local law enforcement. If you follow the proper procedures, you can likely recover compensation for your bus accident injuries in Brighton.

    Reporting Accidents

    Immediately after an accident involving a bus, call 911 and wait for officers from the Brighton Police Department to arrive. Even if other parties and victims were part of the crash, do not rely on them to contact law enforcement. When speaking with police officers, tell them what happened and how the bus driver or other party acted negligently. While you can talk to eyewitnesses to get their phone numbers, do not have any unnecessary conversations with at-fault parties. After you have reported the accident to the police, our bus accident lawyers can get the incident report and review it to learn more information about the crash itself. Do not underestimate the importance of reporting bus accidents, as certain aspects of police accident reports are admissible in lawsuits in Brighton.

    Documenting Injuries

    The next step after reporting the accident to law enforcement is to get medical care. When victims are seriously injured, they should go straight to the hospital. Do not go home and then get treatment in the following days. Immediately going to the emergency room will create medical evidence of your injuries. It will be important to have a clear idea of your prognosis before you bring your claim so that we understand your financial damages and pain and suffering. You can document your injuries throughout your physical recovery by continuously going to the doctor whenever necessary. Accept any appropriate care suggested by doctors, such as surgeries or physical therapy. Rejecting necessary treatment might harm your bus accident compensation claim in the future. Because you might have to prove that your injuries are severe enough for you to sue in Brighton, documenting your injuries is necessary.

    Obtaining Evidence

    After you have properly documented your injuries, we can start reviewing your case and obtaining evidence. This will be done through an investigation into the accident itself. We may interview eyewitnesses to see if they can provide useful statements. We will also pool together all medical records related to your injuries caused by the bus driver. Depending on the exact location of the incident, there might be available security camera footage of the event. Attempting to obtain this footage as soon as possible will be important to ensure it is not deleted or lost.

    Filing Claims

    Once we have built a strong claim, we can officially file it and begin the recovery process in Brighton. Generally, bus accident lawsuits must be brought within three years, according to C.V.P. Law § 214(5). That said, if the accident involved a bus owned by the local government, like a public transportation bus, the filing deadline for your claim might differ. For any injury claim against a local government in New York, victims must file a notice of a claim within 90 days of an incident. When filing your lawsuit, you must name the defendant, cite your desired damages, and explain the circumstances of the event itself. We can ensure your claim petition contains all the necessary information so that you do not face any unnecessary roadblocks to compensation in Brighton.

    Proving Negligence

    While not all bus accident claims go to court in Brighton, victims can go to trial if they are unsatisfied by the settlement offers presented by defendants. If your case proceeds to trial, we must prove that the defendant owed you a duty of care and breached the duty of care. We must also establish that the specific breach of duty caused your injuries and damages. This is why taking the time to carefully investigate a bus accident is important, even if the cause seems obvious to victims.

    Collecting Compensation

    Finally, when all is said and done, you can claim the damages you deserve after your successful bus accident lawsuit in Brighton. If you settle your case out of court, the involved parties will negotiate compensation. These discussions can go back and forth for some time, which is why our attorneys will look out for your best interests to ensure you are not being dragged along. If you win your case at trial, the jury will decide your award after looking at proof of your damages. New York does not impose any limits on economic or non-economic damages in most cases. Your damages will be paid to you through a lump sum payment or through structured payments, depending on the case and the negligent party’s financial ability.

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