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    Getting compensation for a car accident can be difficult without the help of an experienced car accident lawyer.  Not only can it be difficult to manage your injury case while recovering from your injuries, you might not have knowledge of how much your case should be worth and what damages you are entitled to.

    When you work with an experienced Brighton, NY car accident lawyer, your attorney can handle the case for you.  While you focus on getting better after your injuries, your lawyer can focus on getting the payments you need for medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering as well as other damages.

    For a free review of your car accident case, call The Carrion Law Firm today.  Our Brighton, NY car accident lawyers represent victims in all sorts of car accident claims.  Call today at (718) 841-0083.

    Types of Car Accident Cases We Handle

    Our experienced Brighton car accident lawyers handle all kinds of car accident claims.  Although many of the following are some of the more common types of car accidents out there, we can handle any kind of crash case you need help with:

    Drunk Driving Accidents

    If you were hit by a drunk driver, you could be entitled to substantial compensation.  Because drunk drivers have slowed reaction times, these accidents are often worse for victims who could face serious injuries if the drunk driver failed to brake or slow down as the accident happened.  However, insurance companies are often reluctant to admit their driver’s fault in drunk driving cases, potentially leading to an uphill court battle.  Work with our Brighton car accident lawyers for help with this kind of case.

    High-Speed Accidents

    Accidents involving higher speeds typically involve more severe injuries.  In New York, no-fault insurance laws often limit your damages to your PIP coverage unless you have “serious injuries” involving broken bones, permanent injuries, or other “serious” bodily harms.  Many high-speed crashes will allow you to sue for damages or seek additional compensation beyond your PIP coverage.

    Hit and Run Crashes

    If you were involved in a hit and run, getting compensation can be harder.  If the police can locate the driver who hit you, our Brighton car accident lawyers can pursue your claim against them as normal.  If the driver cannot be found, you may need to turn to your uninsured motorist insurance to get additional payments from your own insurance company.

    Head-On Crashes

    Head-on crashes between two drivers going in opposite directions typically only happen in three situations:

    • A driver went the wrong way down a one-way street or divided highway.
    • A driver crossed a double yellow line into oncoming traffic.
    • A driver failed to yield while turning left and crashed into oncoming traffic.

    In any of these situations, traffic law tells us who is at fault: whoever was driving the wrong way or failed to yield.  However, getting compensation can be a difficult prospect because these cases often result in very severe accidents.  Two cars crashing head-on at approximately the same speed essentially have the same momentum as your car crashing into a stationary object at double the speed, potentially resulting in very severe injuries.  These accidents are even worse if the other vehicle weighs a lot more than your car.

    Rear-End Crashes

    If a car crashes into you from behind, that is usually their fault for following too closely.  However, if a car slams on the brakes in front of you without cause, that accident could be partly their fault instead.  If a driver backs out of a parking space into your car, that could also be the other driver’s fault.  Talk to your Brighton car accident lawyer about who is at fault in your rear-end collision.

    When to Contact a Brighton Car Accident Injury Attorney

    If you were not at fault for your crash, you should hire a lawyer immediately.  Insurance companies will often try to drive down settlement costs and pay injury victims far less than they deserve.  Our Brighton car accident attorneys can work on your case from the very beginning to fight to get you the compensation you need.

    In any case where you faced injuries or spent time in a hospital, your case is likely “serious enough” to warrant calling a lawyer.  It is important to work with an attorney to make sure that you know what your case is worth and that you pursue compensation for all damages that you faced.  Many areas of compensation are not familiar to non-lawyers, and you could miss out on substantial compensation if you try to settle your case with insurance on your own, especially when it comes to pain and suffering damages.

    As far as when along the chain of events you should call a lawyer, it is truly never too early.  If you were injured and are recovering from your injuries in a hospital, you could begin talking to an attorney right away to help secure evidence at the scene of the crash before it is cleared away.  Your lawyer can also begin tracking your medical expenses and other damages so that you have a firm record to present to the insurance companies and courts.  Call our Brighton car accident lawyers right away to set up a free, no-obligation case review.

    In any case, it is important to talk to an attorney early so as to not run afoul of the statute of limitations.  The law only gives victims 3 years to file their case, but if often takes months to build a proper case.  This means you should hire a lawyer well before the 3-year deadline approaches.

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