What to Do if You Are Hit by an MTA Bus in New York City

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    Finding yourself in the hospital dealing with serious injuries can be incredibly difficult.  If you were hit by an MTA bus, your injuries could be severe, and you may be entitled to compensation.  To increase your chances of getting the compensation you need, there are a few steps you should take.

    First, gather as much evidence of what happened as you can.  If you had to immediately go to the hospital, getting a copy of the police report for the crash can help fill in some of that evidence for you.  Make sure to get medical care so that your injuries are documented and you start on the path to recovery.  And finally, call a lawyer for help.

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    Gathering Evidence After an MTA Bus Accident

    If you are able to ask questions, take pictures, and gather information at the scene of the accident, this can help you with your case.  If you are too injured and have to go to the hospital right away, focus on getting better first.  However, if you can stay and collect information, the following info will be helpful to have for a potential injury lawsuit:

    The Driver’s Info

    Getting the name, driver’s license number, and shift information for the driver of the MTA bus will help you hold that specific driver accountable.  The driver and the MTA will also have insurance policies that potentially cover the accident.  Make sure to get this insurance info as well so you can give it to your New York City personal injury attorneys.

    Location Information

    Make sure to find out exactly where the accident happened.  Get the address of the building you were in front of, the street you were on, what direction the bus was traveling, the nearest cross-street, and any other info that helps you say where the accident happened.


    Make sure to take notes or photos about what the conditions of the accident were.  Note whether the accident happened in an intersection or on a street, what the speed limit was, what traffic controls were involved (e.g., traffic lights, stop signs).  Also get information about the weather conditions, lighting conditions, and any other information that might be relevant to how and why the bus hit you.

    Witness Info

    MTA buses are rarely empty during the day.  Anyone on the bus or any passengers waiting at a nearby stop could be good witnesses to the accident.  Talk to the people who saw the accident and see if any of them will give you their contact info to make a statement or testify on your behalf.  Even a statement like “That bus just hit that guy!” or “The bus hopped the curb!” could even be helpful later to help prove what happened and why the bus driver is at fault.

    Getting a Police Report for a New York City MTA Bus Accident

    Even if you were not able to stay at the scene of the accident, the police should be called for any MTA bus accidents, and they will usually create a report of the accident.  A police report can be obtained online in many cases, or you can get a copy directly from the police department where it was filed.  This report will contain most of the information discussed above, which can help you get this information if you were not able to collect it yourself.

    Talk to your MTA bus accident lawyer about how to get a copy of the police report in your case.  In most cases, you will be able to get it online with information such as the location of the accident and your name.  You might also have an accident report number from the officer who handled the report.

    Getting Medical Care for an MTA Bus Crash in New York City

    After any type of accident, it is important to get your injuries treated.  What injuries you suffered, how severe they were, and what effects they had on your life will be some of the most important information when determining damages in your case.  To prove your injuries, you will likely need medical records or testimony from your doctor.

    If you get treatment immediately for your injuries, that proves that the injuries happened on the same day that the accident happened.  This helps prove that the accident actually caused your injuries.  If you wait until days later, the MTA could claim that your injuries were caused by some other accident in the interim.  If you wait, the MTA will also claim that your injuries must not have been severe if you didn’t get immediate medical care.

    Contacting a Lawyer for Help with an MTA Bus Accident Case

    If you were hurt in an accident, a lawyer can help.  Your Brooklyn personal injury lawyers can use the medical records and other evidence in your case to help prove that the MTA was responsible for your injuries and that your damages were substantial.  This can help maximize the damages you get, whether at trial or through a settlement with the MTA.

    Handling an injury case on your own is not advised.  Many insurance companies will attempt to drive down settlement values, leaving you without the compensation you truly need.  Without a lawyer, it will be hard to file your case and follow all the rules of procedure to get the compensation you need through the courts.

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