Should You Call 911 After a Car Accident in New York City?

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    Car accidents are frightening for victims. While it’s understandable that you may be in shock or confused after a damaging collision in New York City, it’s important to take a few deep breaths and call 911 right away.

    Calling 911 after a car accident in New York City is important for several reasons. First, law enforcement officials can deal with difficult drivers who refuse to cooperate and provide their information. When you call 911, officers can create a crash report, which your attorney can use to strengthen your compensation claim against a negligent driver. Calling 911 also alerts emergency medical services so you can get the care you need. Acting fast and calling 911 immediately after a car accident in New York City is crucial. If you don’t, you may have more difficulty recovering the damages you deserve.

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    Reasons You Should Call 911 After a New York City Car Accident

    Calling the police, or 911, after a car accident in New York City is important. Not only will doing so alert law enforcement officials to an emergency, but it will also make the aftermath of a collision much easier for victims. Stubborn drivers may refuse to provide the necessary information without police officers present. Once called, New York City law enforcement officials can create a police report documenting damages and potential causes. And most importantly, calling 911 will also help you to get the emergency medical care you need after a car accident in New York City.

    Stubborn Drivers

    Unfortunately, not all negligent drivers in New York City are eager to hand over their information to injured victims. After a collision resulting in damage to property or persons, involved parties must exchange certain information. Generally, that includes driver’s licenses, insurance information, and registration information. Suppose a driver is being particularly stubborn or is trying to convince you there is no need to involve your respective insurance carriers. In that case, it may be difficult for you to get the information you need to hold them accountable in the future.

    That is one of the main reasons our Brooklyn car accident lawyers advise victims to call 911 after a crash. When police officers arrive at the scene, they can handle a stubborn driver that is refusing to cooperate. Law enforcement officials can retrieve the necessary information so that you don’t have to after a damaging car accident in New York City.

    Police Reports

    When injured victims call 911 after a car accident in New York City, they can ensure that any property damage or injuries will be documented. Upon arriving at an accident scene, New York City police officers will complete a crash report. Officers will note all involved parties in this report, including any damages. During this time, it is important that car accident victims speak candidly with police officers and inform them of any injuries. Tell the officers what happened and who is responsible.

    While police reports aren’t considered evidence in lawsuits, the information within these detailed reports can help your Queens car accident lawyer uncover evidence that proves a negligent driver’s fault. By calling 911 and alerting law enforcement officials to an accident scene, allowing them to complete a police report, New York City victims can document damages properly.

    Medical Care

    Car accidents in New York City can be incredibly damaging to victims. The crowded streets of New York City can worsen already serious collisions, resulting in devastating injuries. If you call 911 after a car accident, the proper emergency medical services will be sent to your crash site.

    This allows victims to get the immediate medical care that they need after an accident. Waiting too long to visit the hospital can impact your access to damages in the future, so you should always notify law enforcement officials and emergency medical services after a crash.

    How Soon After a New York City Car Accident Should You Call 911?

    Although car accident victims may know that calling 911 after a crash is important, they may be unsure how soon after a collision they should alert emergency services. Generally, the answer is right away.

    In New York City, it is required that you immediately alert the police of a car accident under certain circumstances. For example, if an involved party is injured or killed, 911 must be called. It is also necessary to call 911 if a car accident results in over $1,000 in property damage. If your car accident meets these criteria, you have to call 911 right away in New York City. If you don’t, you can face a serious fine.

    Even if your injuries aren’t obvious initially, it’s still wise to alert emergency services immediately. Common car accident injuries, like whiplash, can take days to appear. If you don’t call the police and get immediate medical attention, connecting your injuries to a negligent driver’s actions in a compensation claim can be difficult. So, calling 911 immediately after a collision of any kind is a good idea.

    Don’t wait for someone else to call 911. When reeling from the trauma of a car accident, victims may think that eyewitnesses or other involved parties will call 911. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Even the difference of mere minutes can harm your access to compensatory damages in the future. Negligent drivers may flee, and victims’ injuries may worsen the longer they wait to call 911. Of course, our Rochester car accident lawyers will still fight for your right to compensation even if you don’t call 911 soon enough. However, it is best practice to call 911 immediately after a car accident in New York City, regardless of the circumstances.

    Our New York City Attorneys Can Help You After a Car Accident

    Calling 911 after a car accident is important, but so is hiring an Elmhurst, Queens car accident lawyer who will fight for your right to compensation. For a free case evaluation with The Carrion Law Firm, call today at (718) 841-0083.