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    You should not have to tolerate unsafe working conditions or dangerous work equipment. If you are injured in the workplace, you should speak to a lawyer immediately.

    Workplace injuries might happen in any number of ways. The nature of your injuries and the accident largely depend on what kind of job you have and where you work. The people responsible for such accidents also tend to vary. While employers are often responsible for unsafe work conditions, third parties might bear some blame, too. We need to thoroughly investigate the situation to find evidence of your accident and injuries. Security camera footage and witness testimony might be important to your case. Damages in workplace injury cases can be high. Many injured plaintiffs lose substantial income because they cannot work while they are injured. They also experience severe non-economic damages related to humiliation at work and a tarnished professional reputation.

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    How You Might Be Injured in the Workplace in The Bronx

    Accidents on the job are possible in nearly all work environments and professions. One common cause of accidents in the workplace is a dangerous work environment.

    A dangerous work environment might involve a lack of maintenance and safety precautions. For example, a staircase with no railing is a serious violation, and workers going up and down the stairs might fall. A lack of safety equipment or gear is another common example of a dangerous work environment. If you do a job requiring you to wear a helmet, goggles, or some other protective equipment, but that equipment is not provided, you are more likely to be hurt.

    People who work with tools, machinery, or similar equipment might be injured if the equipment fails or malfunctions. Employers should check tools and equipment for damage or defects to protect their employees. Even if the employer did not cause the damage or defect, they might still be liable for injuries incurred by the plaintiff.

    Premises liability involves injuries arising from unsafe property conditions. This often comes up in workplace injury claims, as many accidents stem from dangerous conditions on the property itself. For example, if there is a spill in the office that nobody bothers to clean up, someone might slip and be injured. Alternatively, dangerous debris, like broken glass from a shattered window, might cause injury if not cleaned up right away.

    A major concern among those in more risky trades is the failure to train or take proper precautions by employers. You might be hurt because you were tasked with a dangerous job and given inadequate training by your employer. Such an injury warrants legal action and fair compensation.

    Who is Responsible for Workplace Injuries in The Bronx?

    Accidents at work can be complicated. Even if the accident only involves one person (e.g., a slip and fall down the stairs), numerous others might be responsible or implicated somehow. While employers have a high degree of responsibility over almost everything in the workplace, certain third parties might also be to blame, at least in certain cases.

    Employers are responsible for a lot. From how employees are trained to the safety and cleanliness of the workplace, the employer is the one in charge. If anything goes wrong, there is a good chance it can be traced back to the employer’s negligence.

    For example, suppose you are injured because your employer decided to skip your safety training and put you right to work. In such a case, your employer may be held liable for your injuries because their failure to properly train you in safety procedures caused your accident.

    Sometimes, people who are neither an employee nor an employer are involved in workplace accidents. These third parties may still be held liable even though they are not directly connected to your place of work. For instance, if you are involved in an accident caused by a defective piece of equipment, the manufacturer may be held liable for the defective equipment. Also, anyone in the chain of sale of the defective equipment might be named in your lawsuit.

    How to Find Evidence to Support Your Workplace Injury Claims in The Bronx

    Evidence of your workplace injury is likely to come from where your accident happened. Unfortunately, many employers are unwilling to cooperate with injured workers, and getting access to evidence might be challenging. Our attorneys can file motions to compel the disclosure of evidence we believe is important to your claims.

    Many workplaces are monitored by security cameras. It is not unusual for these cameras to record accidents. These videos might be extremely important depending on the angle of the cameras and how much of the accident was recorded. It is important to request copies of this footage as quickly as possible, as security camera footage is often deleted.

    It is also typical for workplace accidents to happen where other employees can see. Your accident might have occurred in front of numerous coworkers, and their testimony may be invaluable. The more people who can back up your claims, the better.

    On top of that, coworkers might have other personal knowledge relevant to the case. For example, perhaps the lack of safety precautions in the workplace was an ongoing problem that management ignored. Your coworkers can testify about how long the workplace has been a dangerous environment before your accident.

    Damages Available in Workplace Injury Cases in The Bronx

    Damages in workplace injury cases can be quite substantial. Both economic losses and non-economic injuries should be assessed. Economic losses may include medical bills from the treatment you received after the accident. In addition, many plaintiffs claim damages related to lost income. After the accident, you might be unable to return to work for some time or at all. The income you lose might be significant, and the liable defendant should cover it.

    Non-economic damages include emotional and psychological distress or trauma from the accident. These damages are difficult to measure in money because they often do not come at a financial price. Even so, the toll they take on the plaintiff may be enormous. In workplace accident cases, plaintiffs often report feelings of painful humiliation at being injured in front of numerous coworkers and colleagues. They may also suffer from damage to their professional reputation, which might hinder future career opportunities.

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