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    Millions of New Yorkers ride bicycles in the city every day.  Some use bicycles to commute to work.  Others ride for recreation or to get exercise.  Riding a bicycle in the Bronx should be a safe and easy mode of transportation, but erratic or negligent driving can put cyclists in danger.  If you were involved in an accident while riding your bicycle in the Bronx, you may have legal options for your recovery.

    A driver who behaves negligently and causes an accident with a bicyclist is liable under New York law for the bicyclist’s injuries.  Drivers can be negligent in a number of ways that create liability.  If the driver was liable, the injured victim may recover damages for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  You have three years to file a lawsuit to recover for your bicycle accident injuries, so it is important that you act quickly.

    The experienced Bronx bicycle accident lawyers at The Carrion Law Firm have the knowledge and resources to put you on the path to recovery for your injuries. We can help you gather evidence, estimate damages, and file your claim with the appropriate court. To speak with us about your potential claim today for free, call us at (718) 841-0083.

    Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in the Bronx

    Drivers in the Bronx are legally obligated to drive responsibly in order to avoid creating accidents with fellow motorists and bicyclists. However, as every New Yorker knows, city driving can be erratic, reckless, and dangerous.  Below are just some of the driving practices that may create liability in an accident.

    Stopping or Turning without Signals

    Bicyclists expect cars to continue on their path and at their speed unless they have reason to suspect otherwise. If a car makes a turn suddenly without signaling, it can cut across the bicycle lane without warning.  The cyclist may not have enough time to slow down or alter their course to avoid a collision.


    Reflexes are critical in preventing collisions.  When a car is moving at excessive speeds, your reaction time may not be fast enough to account for sudden changes in the road or traffic patterns.  This may put you or others in danger.


    Bronx streets can get busy, particularly during rush hour.  This places cars and bicycles close to each other.  Even at low speeds, it is the driver’s responsibility to leave enough room between their car and those in front of them to allow for a safe, gradual stop when necessary.

    Blind Spots

    Cyclists enjoy a full 360-degree range of vision while on the road.  Drivers are not so lucky.  There are certain places around a vehicle that the driver simply cannot see.  It is on the driver to behave rationally and take care to ensure that their blind spots are clear before shifting lanes.

    Drunk Driving

    Alcohol and drugs can impact a driver’s motor functions, reasoning skills, and reaction time.  These are all critical for a driver who is in close proximity to cyclists.  Drunk driving is incredibly dangerous, particularly in cities at night when visibility is low.

    Damages for Bicycle Accidents in the Bronx

    If a driver collided with you while you were on your bicycle and injured you, you may have the opportunity to sue the driver for your injuries.  If you successfully prove that the driver behaved negligently and therefore caused the injuries, you could recover damages, or monetary compensation for the consequences of your injuries.

    Damages are calculated based on the harms to the defendant.  If you were injured, you likely received medical attention.  This medical care can come at a cost.  You should not be responsible for that cost.  Damages will include medical expenses associated with your injuries, such as ambulance rides, emergency care, surgical procedures, specialist appointments, physical therapy, and prescription medication.

    If your injuries keep you from meeting the responsibilities of your job, you may lose out on income that you would have otherwise earned.  Damages can compensate you for lost wages, loss of promotion opportunities, decreased earning potential, and even any paid time off that you used while recovering.

    Damages will also account for the damages to your bicycle.  Replacing a bicycle – especially if it features customized or antique parts – can be costly.  You should bring your bicycle to a repair shop for a full estimate of the cost to repair or replace it.

    You will also be compensated for the pain and suffering associated with your injuries.  These damages cannot be so easily tallied up as medical bills or lost income, but they are nonetheless very real to a bicycle accident injury victim.  Damages will include assessments for any chronic pain or psychological conditions that you developed because of your injuries.

    It is difficult to estimate the potential damages in any given case without all of the information.  If you are interested in hearing about how much you may stand to recover for your injuries in a lawsuit, speak to one of our Bronx bicycle accident lawyers today.

    Statute of Limitations for Bicycle Accident Lawsuits in the Bronx

    The statute of limitations (or time limit to file your case) for bicycle accident injuries in New York is three years.  This means that you have three years from the date of the accident to file your case.  If you miss the deadline, your case will be thrown out in court.  Preparing and filing a personal injury lawsuit can take more time than you think.  Therefore, it is critical that you speak to a Bronx bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible to avoid missing out on your recovery.

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