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    Getting financial compensation after a car accident in New York can be confusing.  Insurance rules often dictate how you have to file your case and prevent you from suing another driver.  However, these rules have exceptions that allow your Niagara Falls car accident lawyers to take the other driver to court and get you the compensation you truly need.

    Many accident victims face severe injuries in a car accident.  They are often entitled to substantial financial compensation for things like medical expenses, wages they missed at work, and the pain and suffering they face after a crash.

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    How No-Fault Insurance Rules Affect Car Accidents in Niagara Falls

    Anyone with a New York auto insurance policy must have no-fault insurance that can cover their own injuries in the event of an accident.  Many other states use “at-fault” systems where each driver carries liability insurance to cover the injuries they cause in a crash, resulting in only the at-fault driver paying damages.  With no-fault insurance, your insurance company will pay for your medical expenses even if you are not at fault, but this could mean missing out on additional damages.

    When you file with your own no-fault insurance, you can often get some payments for medical care and lost wages.  However, you will have to pay deductibles and there are often limits on what percentage of the damages are reimbursed, meaning you do not get the full value of your damages.  Additionally, no-fault insurance does not usually cover pain and suffering, meaning that a large portion of your damages does not get paid.

    In cases where your injuries qualify as “severe,” you could be entitled to file a claim against the other driver or take them to court to get full compensation.  However, your injuries must involve injuries that qualify as “severe,” including things like broken bones or permanent injuries.  Talk to our Niagara Falls, NY car accident lawyers for additional help determining how to file your case and what damages you could be entitled to.

    Car Accident Claims for Tourists Injured in Niagara Falls, NY

    With Niagara Falls being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, it is not uncommon for people to drive in from other states to see the Falls.  If you are involved in a car accident with another driver while visiting from out of town or out of state, you may need a local attorney to help with your case.

    In most cases, car accident claims are filed in the location where they happened.  That means that if you are from out of state, the best way to get compensation might be to contact a local Niagara Falls car accident lawyer and file your claim here in Niagara Falls.  In some cases, you may be able to take your case back home, such as in cases where the driver who hit you also lives in your home state.

    Many accidents for tourists also involve commercial vehicles, like taxis and charter buses.  If the driver of one of these vehicles was responsible for your injuries, you could be entitled to take their employer (e.g., the taxi company or charter bus company) to court to get compensation for your injuries.

    There are also complex and often confusing issues that result when you have an insurance policy from out of state.  If your state has different insurance rules than New York, you could face different restrictions on your right to file a lawsuit.  For help navigating these legal issues, contact our Niagara Falls car accident attorneys today.

    Common Causes of Car Accidents in Niagara Falls, NY

    Car accidents can be caused by many different mistakes and violations.  The following are all common causes of accidents, though our Niagara Falls car accident attorneys handle cases involving other causes as well:

    Drunk Driving

    Drunk drivers often have a reduced ability to make good, safe choices behind the wheel.  They also have reduced reaction times and often do not brake or swerve to avoid crashes, meaning that the actual impact happens at higher speeds in many of these cases.  This can lead to especially severe injuries.


    Speed is a factor in most car crashes.  Higher speeds make it harder to slow or swerve to avoid an accident, increasing the chances of a collision.  Additionally, injuries are more severe at higher speeds because of the increased momentum at the moment of impact and the effect those forces have on an occupant inside the vehicle.

    Red Light/Stop Sign Violations

    Many accidents at intersections only occur because one of the drivers entered the intersection illegally.  If the driver who hit you ran a red light or ran a stop sign, they should be held accountable for the resulting injuries and damages.

    Failing to Yield

    Many cars also crash when one of the drivers fails to yield to the other.  Some of the most common situations where a driver has to yield to another occur in the following scenarios:

    • Left turns across oncoming traffic
    • Merging
    • Changing lanes
    • Approaching a “yield” sign

    If drivers fail to follow traffic laws about left turns, merging, etc., then they should be held responsible for the accident.


    Many accidents occur because the driver in front needed to brake suddenly.  If the cars behind them give a proper following distance, they will have time to stop as well.  However, drivers who are following too closely often cause accidents by hitting the cars in front of them.  It is especially important to talk to a Niagara Falls, NY car accident lawyer if a tailgating accident involved multiple cars crashing in a pileup.

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