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    Many truck accidents happen because of negligent acts committed by truck drivers and trucking companies. For instance, a collision may occur because of a mistake made behind the wheel or because a trucking company improperly loaded their cargo. Fortunately, motorists may seek compensation for the injuries they sustained from crashes involving large trucks.

    There are multiple types of monetary damages available to plaintiffs in truck accident lawsuits. However, not all victims will be permitted to bring their cases to court. A truck accident lawyer can evaluate your case and explain the proper course of action.

    If you suffered a truck accident in Parsippany, NJ, get help obtaining the financial compensation you deserve. Get in touch with our experienced Parsippany truck accident lawyers today by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free review of your case.

    Who Can File a Parsippany Truck Accident Lawsuit?

    Courts in Parsippany follow no-fault insurance laws. This means that certain truck accident victims will be restricted from bringing cases against at-fault parties.

    There are two types of vehicle insurance you can purchase in Parsippany. Motorists can choose between “standard” and “basic” policies. When purchasing a standard policy, motorists can choose whether they would like an unlimited right to sue. Those with unlimited rights to sue can always bring cases against at-fault parties after truck accidents.

    However, those with basic policies and standard policyholders who did not choose the unlimited right to sue may have to seek compensation through their own insurers. Those with limited rights to sue can only bring cases against at-fault parties if they incurred serious injuries because of their truck accidents.

    Understanding New Jersey’s insurance laws can be difficult. If you suffered a truck accident, you can contact our Parsippany truck accident lawyers for help reviewing your policy and determining the legal options available to you.

    Common Causes of Parsippany, NJ Truck Accidents

    There are countless forms of negligent conduct that can lead to truck accidents. Our experienced Parsippany truck accident lawyers can investigate whether your crash occurred for one of the following reasons:

    Negligent Use of Tiedowns

    Crashes involving large trucks often occur because of improper use of tiedowns. Tiedowns are devices used for cargo securement like chains, binders, ropes, and webbings. Tiedowns with proper weight ratings must be utilized. Furthermore, tiedowns should be located inside of a trailer’s rub rails and protected from abrasion wherever possible. When this protocol is not followed, cargo can shift during transit and cause truck drivers to lose control of their vehicles.

    Other Negligent Cargo Securement Practices

    There are many other negligent cargo securement practices that can lead to truck accidents. For example, crashes can happen because cargo was not stored in direct contact with each other during transit. Our Parsippany truck accident lawyers can build your case against a trucking company that engaged in negligent cargo securement practices.

    Overloaded Trailers

    Further, crashes involving large trucks often occur because of overloaded trailers. Tractor-trailers can be very difficult to drive and control when they are loaded past their weight limits. Victims of accidents involving overloaded trailers may suffer a multitude of catastrophic injuries.

    Tire Blowouts

    Tire blowouts are also a cause of many Parsippany truck accidents. Tire blowouts may happen for a number of reasons. For example, a tire blowout may occur because a tire was defective, a trailer was overloaded, or because a trucking company allowed the tread on their vehicle’s tires to wear dangerously thin. If you suffered a crash that occurred because of a tire blowout, our Parsippany truck accident lawyers can help recover monetary damages for the harm you incurred.

    Tired Drivers

    Lastly, many truck accidents occur because of tired truck drivers. Tired drivers are prone to making reckless mistakes like swerving out of their lanes and ignoring traffic signals. Some truck drivers become tired because of undue pressure placed on them by their employers. Our team can help uncover whether a truck accident occurred because a trucking company overworked their driver.

    Time Limit to File a Truck Accident Lawsuit in Parsippany, NJ

    The time limit to file a Parsippany truck accident lawsuit is established by N.J.S.A. § 2A:14-2. Therefore, truck accident victims will generally have two years from the dates of their crashes to bring their cases to the appropriate courts. Noncompliance with this deadline could cause your claim to be forfeited.

    In addition to filing your case on time and bringing it to the right court, there are several other requirements you must adhere to when filing your case. Our experienced Parsippany truck accident lawyers can offer guidance and support throughout each stage of the filing process, ensuring that you do not miss your chance to recover crucial compensation.

    What if I Share Some of The Blame for My Truck Accident in Parsippany, NJ?

    If you share some of the blame for your Parsippany truck accident, you may be limited in the amount of damages you can recover related to your crash. Courts in Parsippany will follow no-fault insurance rules when determining the outcome of your case. Accordingly, damages are assigned based on percentages of fault. If you are considered to be 40% responsible for your truck accident while the defendant is 60% to blame, the defendant will only be required to pay for 60% of damages stemming from the crash. You will have to account for the remaining 40%. Also, if you are deemed to be over 50% for your truck accident, you will be unable to seek compensation through a truck accident lawsuit.

    Defendants are often represented by insurance companies who will try to shift blame onto plaintiffs. Our Parsippany truck accident lawyers can help fight insurance companies and prove those negligent defendants were at fault. Therefore, plaintiffs can recover the full amount of compensation they deserve.

    If You Were Hurt Because of a Parsippany, NJ Truck Accident, Our Attorneys Can Help

    If you were hurt because of a truck accident, get help from our experienced Parsippany truck accident lawyers today by calling by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free review of your case.