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    Working on a construction site is inherently dangerous, but employers, managers, or supervisors are responsible for keeping the site as safe as possible. Workers might be severely injured if safety protocols and regulations are not followed.

    Construction accidents might stem from numerous aspects of the job. From dangerous equipment to risky work conditions, the possibility of an accident is higher than in most other industries. An attorney can help you file a lawsuit to claim damages if you are injured in a construction accident. You might name the supervisor in charge of the construction site in your case or a third party for causing the accident. You should discuss how the accident happened with an attorney to determine who should be held liable. You should also review your damages with an attorney to avoid missing out on valuable compensation. Economic and noneconomic damages can both be claimed. Before getting compensation, we need to find evidence that supports your claims.

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    Common Construction Accidents and Injuries in Parsippany, NJ

    Construction sites are not safe to be in unless you are working on the site. Even then, workers take many precautions to prevent accidents and injuries. If you were injured in a construction-related accident, it is important to understand how the accident occurred and who should be held liable.

    Caught-betweens are somewhat common accidents on construction sites. They are so named because they occur when workers or others are caught between heavy objects. For example, if a worker is accidentally pinned between a wall and a heavy pallet of drywall, they might sustain severe injuries and be crushed.

    Falling accidents are some of the most common accidents on construction sites and some of the most dangerous. Workers are frequently atop ladders, scaffolding, and other high places, making the risk of falling accidents fairly high. In addition, workers sometimes drop heavy objects from these high places, injuring other workers on the ground.

    People on construction sites rely on powerful tools and machinery to get the job done. Faulty equipment is a significant cause of injuries. In some cases, the equipment is damaged because someone else used it carelessly and did not bother to inform anyone of the damage. Other times, the equipment is poorly designed or damaged when it leaves the manufacturer.

    A lack of safety gear can make accidents worse. Gloves, helmets, faceguards, and goggles are all normal safety gear one would find on a construction site. If this equipment is not provided, accidents can happen, and workers might be badly injured.

    Filing a Lawsuit for a Construction Accident and Injuries in Parsippany, NJ

    Filing a lawsuit is not as easy as some people believe. Before we can submit any filings to the court, we have to figure out a number of important details. Perhaps the first detail our Parsippany, NJ construction accident and injury attorneys need to nail down is whom we want to hold liable.

    Depending on the circumstances, various parties could be liable for a construction accident. Often, injured workers can sue supervisors and employers for negligence. The people in charge of construction sites and hiring workers are also usually responsible for making sure the workplace meets all the necessary safety codes and regulations. When employers are negligent and do not enforce safety protocols and procedures, their employees are the ones who suffer, and this may entitled them to a lawsuit under certain conditions.

    Alternatively, a third party not directly connected to the construction site might be liable for your injuries. This is often the case when power tools, machinery, or other equipment fails. If the failure was caused by defective equipment, we can help you sue the manufacturer.

    Drafting the complaint also requires a lot of details and information specific to your case. We must first provide information about who you are, the defendant, and why we believe they should be held liable. We will also need to include information about how the accident occurred and how the defendant is connected. Finally, we must include damages and how much money we believe you are entitled to from the defendant.

    Recoverable Damages for Constructions Accidents and Injuries in Parsippany, NJ

    Economic damages are the losses and injuries that came at a real financial cost to the plaintiff. In construction accidents, plaintiffs tend to experience severe injuries, which means they also have very expensive medical bills. In especially serious cases, plaintiffs might require ongoing or long-term care. In those instances, we can estimate how much your future medical expenses will cost and include that in your economic damages.

    Non-economic damages are harder to tally up because they are based on your personal experiences rather than actual money spent or lost. Your emotional and physical pain and suffering are important noneconomic damages that must be considered. In cases where plaintiffs suffered very physically painful or emotionally traumatic injuries, these damages may be quite high.

    How to Find Evidence to Prove Your Construction Accident Case in Parsippany, NJ

    Finding evidence is a key component of your lawsuit. Without evidence to support your claims, it is almost impossible to win. Construction accidents are full of evidence, much of which injured plaintiffs often overlook. Our Parsippany, NJ construction accident and injury attorneys can help you find the evidence you need and use it to your advantage.

    Photos and videos from the scene of the accident can be a great help to your case. After you are taken away from the scene to receive medical treatment, supervisors of the construction site will likely clean up the accident scene, removing any hazards that might have contributed to the accident. While this is often done for safety, it causes important evidence to be lost. Your pictures and videos help preserve the accident scene as it was immediately after you were injured.

    We should also strive to include as much physical evidence as possible in your trial. For example, if you were injured because a certain tool was damaged or defective, we need that tool in the courtroom so a jury can see the damage or defect for themselves.

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