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    Victims of motorcycle accidents are often unjustifiably blamed for the crash.  Other drivers will accuse riders of being more vulnerable to injury and deny their own wrongdoing when they cause accidents.  It is vital to have a lawyer stand up for you in court when filing claims for compensation after a motorcycle injury.

    When our Newark, NJ motorcycle accident lawyers represent you, we will fight to get you full compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages related to your crash.  Even if there was something you did wrong, we will fight to hold the at-fault driver primarily responsible, getting damages paid even if it means going to court.

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    Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Newark, NJ

    Many motorcycle accidents are caused by a combination of factors.  In many cases, other drivers on the road are fully at-fault for causing these crashes because of mistakes behind the wheel, traffic violations, and other unsafe driving.  Other crashes are often single-vehicle crashes where passengers could be entitled to compensation from the motorcycle driver who crashed.  Our Newark motorcycle accident lawyers can help with any of the following types of motorcycle crashes and more:


    When cars and trucks speed, it makes it harder for them to avoid crashes.  Bikers are incredibly vulnerable to injury, and high-speed crashes often cause more substantial injuries.  Speeding is also a common cause of single-bike crashes, often throwing passengers from the bike or leaving them with substantial injuries.

    Illegal Lane-Changes

    When a driver starts drifting into your lane, you might not know what to do.  In many cases, motorcycle riders end up swerving to avoid crashing, often leading to accidents.  Other riders might have nowhere to go, and a driver pressing in on their lane will hit them, potentially throwing them from their bike.  These side-impact crashes often cause serious leg injuries by pinning the rider’s leg between their bike and the other vehicle – potentially even leading to amputation.

    Drunk Driving

    Drunk drivers have reduced reaction times, decision-making abilities, and visual acuity.  This all contributes to them causing crashes.  Drunk driving and drugged driving are both illegal in NJ, and our Newark motorcycle accident lawyers can help victims of motorcycle accidents caused by drunk driving seek compensation for their injuries.

    Distracted Driving

    Drivers might already have more difficulty remembering to keep an eye out for smaller vehicles like motorcycles when checking their blind spots or looking for other vehicles on the road.  Drivers who are distracted by their cell phones, by eating, or even by conversations with passengers are more likely to crash into a small vehicle like a motorcycle.

    Illegal Passing

    Drivers of cars and trucks sometimes ignore the rights of bikers on the road.  This leads them to try to pass motorcycles in situations where they would never do the same to another car or truck.  This can force motorcycle riders off the road or onto rough or dangerous road conditions on the shoulder, causing potentially high-speed crashes.

    What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Newark, NJ

    After a crash, there are some important steps to take to help collect evidence and secure the information needed to win your case.  You should follow these steps after a crash in the order given – but some steps might be impossible if you are in the hospital or unconscious after the crash.  In general, you should worry about your health and safety first, then worry about evidence collection later.  Your Newark motorcycle accident lawyers can also help with evidence collection after the fact.

    Call for Help

    After an accident where you faced injuries, you should report the accident immediately.  Call 911 and request police and ambulance services.  The police officers will be able to write up a police report about the accident and issue any tickets or make arrests if the other driver was dangerous or drunk.  The EMTs will be able to check your injuries and recommend the next steps.

    Seek Medical Attention

    EMTs might recommend first aid treatment or more involved care at a hospital.  After a crash, it is best to follow their recommendations and, if you need to, go to the hospital for emergency treatment.  You might have broken bones or other injuries that need immediate X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and even surgery.  Do not leave the scene without seeking medical clearance.

    Collect Evidence

    It is vital to collect evidence about where the accident happened, who was involved, what cars were involved, what the conditions were like, and how the crash occurred.  Being able to relate all of this information later will be vital to getting you the damages you need, so make sure all of the information you collect is written down.  You can later deliver this information to your Newark motorcycle accident lawyers – and they can use this information plus the info from the police report to build your case.

    Follow Up with Additional Medical Care

    If the doctors recommended that you seek additional medical care, do so.  It is important to follow all recommendations to avoid accusations that you are letting your motorcycle accident injuries get worse or otherwise contributing to the harm.

    Call a Lawyer

    You should contact a lawyer as soon as you can after a crash.  Our Newark motorcycle accident lawyers can look for additional evidence, get statements from witnesses, and file the necessary insurance claims and lawsuits to get you the damages you need.

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