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    Victims of construction accidents are often entitled to sue for injuries to get compensation.  Although certain legal limitations might block lawsuits against an employer, other parties can often be found liable and made to pay damages for injuries at a construction site.

    If you were hurt at work on a construction site, it is important to work with an experienced construction accident lawyer.  There are various legal questions that need to be addressed in your case, and our attorneys can help navigate these issues and fight to maximize the damages you can claim.  Our lawyers also help people injured crossing through or passing by a construction site.

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    Common Causes of Construction Accidents in Newark, NJ

    Construction accidents can be caused by many different obstacles and dangers on construction sites.  The fact that you signed up to work at a construction site is by no means an excuse for your injuries, and the responsible parties can be held accountable for many of the following accidents:

    Falls from Heights

    Falling off a ladder or scaffolding commonly happens because of mistakes and safety issues on the construction site.  Victims of falls on a construction site could be the victim of falls from an unstable ladder or the collapse of a dangerous scaffolding.  Talk to our Newark construction accident attorneys about whether NJ law allows lawsuits for these kinds of accidents and what defendants you can hold liable.

    Tool and Machine Malfunctions

    Victims injured by defective or dangerous tools or machinery could be entitled to compensation.  A construction workers’ tools are some of the most important parts of their job, and these tools need to work properly – and safely – to keep business going.  If there are manufacturing defects or design defects that make the tool or machine unsafe, victims could be entitled to a lawsuit against the manufacturer of that defective product.

    Defective Safety Gear

    Employers are often required by OSHA rules and other safety regulations to provide their workers with proper safety training and safety gear.  If there are problems with the safety gear, workers could face serious injuries that could have been prevented.  Again, claims against the manufacturers of this gear are often the best course of action if the injury was caused by defective or dangerous gear.

    Workplace Assault

    Construction sites can often become tense, especially if the site is short-staffed, deadlines are coming closer, or pressure from management has already caused injuries.  One unacceptable consequence of tense conditions is that some workers or even managers and foremen might assault workers.  Any time you are assaulted at work, that should fall outside of any lawsuit restrictions and allow you to sue for this workplace violence.

    Crane Accidents

    Cranes must be operated with precision and care.  Crane operators should be properly trained, and dangerous operators should never be hired or put near the controls of these machines.  Talk to our Newark construction accident lawyers about suing for a crane accident on a construction site.


    Buildings, bridges, and other structures under construction must be kept stable.  If you were injured because of a collapse, you could be entitled to sue negligent property owners and construction firms for your injuries.  This might be the case whether you were injured as a construction worker or as a passerby, or as someone who happened to live next to a construction site.

    Auto Accidents

    Especially when it comes to roadside construction crews, construction workers are often at risk of serious vehicle accidents.  If you transport equipment or materials to or from construction sites, you could also be at risk of a crash in transit.  These cases can often be filed against the negligent driver who hit you.  If you can take advantage of some exception to the restriction against suing your employer, they might also share liability for failing to put up safety barriers or some other safety issues.

    Damages for Construction Accidents in Newark, NJ

    Getting the damages you need after a construction accident can be challenging.  Workers’ Compensation rules often block lawsuits against an employer, leaving victims with limited compensation for medical bills and lost wages only.  There are exceptions to these rules – some of which are referenced above – that allow victims to potentially file a lawsuit and seek additional damages.  All in all, our Newark construction accident attorneys will fight to get you the following damages, as well as any other damages you could be entitled to in your construction accident case:

    Medical Bills

    Workers’ Compensation primarily covers medical expenses for emergency and ongoing care needs.  However, there might be restrictions as to what doctors you can use.  In any lawsuit for injuries, medical bills will be an important part of your claim, so you can often claim those damages there instead.  When you do so, our Newark construction accident attorneys will seek coverage for all of the surgeries and hospital stays you experienced, as well as things like medical transportation, imaging, physical therapy, and more.

    Lost Wages

    Workers’ Compensation often pays only a percentage of your lost wages.  In a lawsuit, you could be entitled to seek compensation for your full wages, plus damages for ongoing lost wages or lost earning capacity.

    Pain and Suffering

    These damages are often blocked entirely in a Workers’ Compensation claim.  To get these damages in court, our Newark construction accident lawyers can present evidence of how the injuries affected your life and your day-to-day abilities.  Explaining these damages to a jury often relies on your own testimony and the statements of close family and friends, as well as doctors and therapists.

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