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    Every day, people use numerous products as a normal part of their daily routine. While most of these products are perfectly safe, some have defects that can cause severe injuries to an unsuspecting consumer.

    Product liability lawsuits are arguably the most complex cases to prove in court. Retaining the help of an experienced Long Island product liability attorney can make all the difference in your recovery efforts. A product can be defective in various ways, either in its design, in its manufacturing, or in the way it is marketed. Because products travel in a stream of commerce, several parties could be liable for failing to identify and correct the defect in time.

    If a defective product injures you, our Long Island product liability attorneys can help you get compensation from the companies responsible. For a free case review, contact The Carrion Law Firm at (631) 910-7493.

    Understanding Product Liability Law in Long Island, NY

    Many Long Island product liability cases happened because of the negligence of someone involved in the product’s production. A product can be made defective at any stage of its development, including its design phase, the manufacturing stage, or in its marketing.

    If a premises liability lawsuit is brought under a theory of negligence, you must prove that the party that designed, manufactured, or marketed the defective product was negligent, leading to your injuries. You must also show that the company knew or should have known of the defect or the potential risks of using the product and present some evidence that the negligent party failed to take reasonable steps to correct the defect or warn consumers of the risks of using the product.

    In some cases, a premises liability lawsuit can be filed under a legal theory known as strict liability. Strict liability in a product liability case means that the company of a product will be held liable regardless of whether it was negligent in causing the defect. Put simply, you are not required to prove fault if the case falls under strict liability. These cases are rare, however, and usually only apply to products that are inherently dangerous but were defective in some way that made them unreasonably dangerous. Our Long Island product liability attorneys can help you understand the complexities of product liability law and how it will impact your case.

    How a Product Can Be Defective and Cause Injuries in Long Island, NY

    Products tend to go through three main stages of development before being purchased by a consumer, design, manufacturing, and marketing.  Several parties could be liable for not catching the mistake, depending on when the defect occurred.

    Design Defects

    Products can be defective long before reaching the manufacturing stage. Some products are dangerous from their design. A person can show a design was dangerous if there was a safer design available, and the safer design would achieve the same results as originally intended.

    Manufacturing Defects

    Many defects are caused because of some flaw in the manufacturing process. In this case, there are no issues with the product’s design but with how the manufacturer puts the product together. For example, the manufacturer might not have equipment up to code or might not conduct routine inspections, leading to defective products making it through.

    Marketing Defects

    Products must also have instructions for their safe use and warning labels for any dangers the consumer might be exposed to. Common examples include lawnmowers and other lawn equipment. Lawnmowers can obviously be dangerous if used incorrectly, which is why companies are required to fix warning labels on them and provide instructions for their safe operation. If a company was aware of the danger but failed to provide adequate warning or instruction, it can be held liable. Product liability cases can be difficult regardless of when the defect in your product occurred. Still, our Long Island product liability attorneys can help you regardless of the defective product that injured you and can help you gather the evidence you need to prove your case.

    Examples of Defective Products in a Long Island, NY, Product Liability Case

    Unfortunately, defective products can come in any shape and size. Defective products can be in almost any setting, from typical home items to complex industrial machinery. There are many ways a product can be defective. However, it can be difficult to determine the defective product if it is one part of a more complex product. Our Long Island product liability attorneys can help you regardless of the defective product that injured you.

    Household Appliances and Cleaners

    Household appliances and cleaners are common reasons for product liability lawsuits. For example, there could be a flaw in a coffeemaker’s wiring, causing it to heat when plugged in, leading to a housefire. Water heaters, gas grills, and other appliances might explode or cause injuries from a design flaw.

    Defective household cleaners are also responsible for many injuries. Many household cleaners are toxic and can be deadly if ingested or inhaled. There could be devasting consequences if a child-safety cap is defective, making it easy to remove.

    Car Parts

    Cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles are complex machines with thousands of parts necessary for their safe operation. However, if even one of those parts is defective, it can create serious safety problems. For example, if you are injured because a car’s transmission, engine, brakes, steering tires, or steering are defective, you could sue the party responsible for that part’s defect. You might also be able to sue other parties responsible for the product’s sale if they knew or should have known about the defect.

    Children’s Toys

    Children’s toys are a particularly dangerous type of product that can cause injuries. While most toys are perfectly safe, others somehow make it past inspection and onto the market. Even the most attentive parent cannot look for dangers that have not revealed themselves yet. However, parts might break from a poorly designed or manufactured toy, which can be extremely dangerous for a small child.

    Defective Medications

    While modern medicine provides many trustworthy remedies, some medications make it into the consumer’s hands that are harmful or have unknown side effects. This kind of defect typically happens when a company fails to properly test its product for its effects on the human body. Designers and manufacturers of dangerous medications can be held liable for the injuries their products cause.

    Our Long Island, NY, Product Liability Attorneys Can Help

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