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    Semi-trailer trucks, sometimes called semis or eighteen-wheelers, travel the roads daily. An accident with one of these gargantuan vehicles could be a catastrophic disaster.

    After a truck accident, you should immediately call for help and get emergency medical care. You should also speak to the police about the crash so they can compile a crash report we can use in your case against the truck driver. Your damages after a truck accident might be very high and include losses related to money and the physical and emotional pain you endured. The truck driver is often the primary defendant, but their employer, the trucking company, may also be held liable. Getting evidence for your lawsuit begins right after the crash, as much evidence will likely come straight from the crash scene.

    Our Islip truck accident lawyers are experienced in these kinds of cases and can help you take legal action and secure justice. Speak to our team at The Carrion Law Firm about a free evaluation of your case. Call our offices at (718) 841-0083.

    What to Do Following an Islip Truck Accident

    You should call for help immediately after a truck accident. Accident scenes can be chaotic and scary, and it is easy to become distracted or panic, but getting help should be your top priority. Someone nearby can call for you if you are badly hurt and cannot call for help on your own.

    Getting medical attention should happen as soon as possible for two important reasons. First, you need medical treatment for your injuries. Even if you think you are not badly hurt and do not need a doctor, you should go to a hospital anyway. Second, getting prompt medical attention helps to keep your medical records surrounding the accident accurate. These records might play an important evidentiary role later in your case and must be accurate and thorough.

    While getting to a hospital should be your primary concern, you should talk to the police before or after getting medical treatment. The police will take statements from you and get details they can use in their police report, which might also play an important evidentiary role in your case.

    Finally, you should call a lawyer right away. Our Islip truck accident lawyers can help you figure out what you need to do to make the negligent truck driver pay for your damages.

    Suing for Damages After a Truck Accident in Islip

    Compensatory damages are comprised of economic and non-economic injuries, which are evaluated differently. Our Islip truck accident attorneys can calculate your damages accurately so that you can get the most compensation possible.

    Medical bills are some of the most expensive economic damages in truck accident cases. Plaintiffs might have traumatic injuries that need extensive treatment, and medical treatment these days comes at a high cost. The income you lose because you cannot go back to work while injured and the value of your damaged vehicle should also be accounted for among your economic damages.

    Non-economic damages are based on painful or negative experiences and are often unconnected to money. Physical pain, emotional anguish, humiliation, and more may be compensated even though they did not cost the plaintiff any money. Their value is determined by how significantly these damages impact your life.

    People You Can Sue for a Truck Accident in Islip

    Truck accidents are so chaotic and hectic that many injured drivers cannot recall all the details and might not know who caused the collision. Our Islip truck accident lawyers can assist you in determining who is responsible for the crash so we can hold them accountable and get you the compensation you deserve.

    The truck driver involved in the accident is usually the first person plaintiffs consider when filing a lawsuit. After all, the truck driver’s behavior is often the proximate and direct cause of the crash. It is also important to consider the other drivers on the road when the accident happened. In some cases, other drivers share liability with the truck driver or might have caused the accident entirely on their own.

    If the truck driver’s negligence caused the accident, we might also be able to sue their employer, the trucking company. Employers can sometimes be held vicariously liable for an employee’s negligence if the negligence happened within the scope or in furtherance of the employee’s job. This is often an important consideration as the trucking company has greater assets and might be more capable of covering your significant damages.

    How to Get Evidence to Support Your Islip Truck Accident Lawsuit

    Finding evidence is an important yet difficult aspect of any lawsuit. Evidence can be unpredictable, with some plaintiffs having lots of evidence to back them up while others are not so lucky. Our Islip truck accident attorneys are familiar with evidence, where to get it, and how to use it.

    Often, valuable evidence might come directly from the accident scene. Physical evidence from the crash can be very helpful, but certain physical evidence might be too large or cumbersome to have in a courtroom. Instead, photos and videos of the accident scene can be used as evidence. It is important to take these photos and videos quickly, as the crash scene might be cleaned up as soon as possible.

    Trucks sometimes have black box recording devices like those on planes. These devices record the trucker’s driving data, including speed, brake times, and distance traveled. We can use this information as evidence if it sheds light on how the trucker caused the crash.

    Your injuries are at the center of your lawsuit, but many plaintiffs have somewhat recovered by the time their trial date arrives. Even though we cannot show your injuries to a jury in person, we can use your medical records to prove the extent and severity of your injuries and medical bills.

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    Truck accidents can be deadly, and many plaintiffs experience lifelong injuries and complications because of the crash. Our Islip truck accident lawyers can aid in getting you compensation for your injuries, pain, and costs. Call The Carrion Law Firm about a free evaluation of your case at (718) 841-0083.