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    Thousands of people ride their bikes around Islip every day. Riding a bike is a great way to get around while being environmentally friendly and is also an excellent way to stay in shape. Unfortunately, many cyclists get hit by motorists who are not paying attention or following the rules of the road. Bicycle accidents often result in serious injuries for the person riding the bike because motor vehicles are much bigger than bicycles.

    If you were injured while riding a bike, our lawyers can help. We can interview witnesses, collect evidence, and make sure you bring a case against the right parties to give you the best chance of getting compensation for your injuries.

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    Are Cyclists Pedestrians in Islip, NY?

    While you might guess that cyclists are always treated as pedestrians since they are not in a motor vehicle, that is incorrect. Per V.A.T. Law § 1231, cyclists are treated as if they were drivers in New York. This means that bike riders need to obey all traffic rules that drivers do. However, there are also some special rules that cyclists must follow. For example, V.A.T. Law § 1234(a) requires cyclists to use bicycle lanes or, if there is no dedicated bike lane, to ride as close to the right-hand side of the road as possible.

    Make sure you follow all the bike riding rules, as failure to do so could hurt your case.

    Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Islip, NY

    Cyclists sadly get hit by inattentive motorists every day. While any cyclist getting hit by a driver is bound to suffer injuries, not all accidents happen in the same way. Our lawyers can help examine the facts of your particular case to determine the exact factors that contributed to your bike accident. The cause of your injuries will be important to your case because it generally determines who you are supposed to sue. Going over your case with our bicycle accident lawyers can help figure out the cause of your particular accident and who you should take to court.

    Bad Drivers

    A driver hitting a cyclist is one of the more common ways that bicycle accidents happen. Distracted driving in particular is especially dangerous to cyclists. A driver who is texting, on the phone, or otherwise preoccupied might not notice nearby cyclists. Moreover, the speed difference between a bicycle and a motor vehicle means that the driver will have even less time to react to the cyclist and could hit them.

    Other factors, such as speeding or drunk driving, could also result in a driver hitting an unsuspecting cyclist.

    The driver that hit you might not be the only one liable for your injuries. For example, if a reckless driver causes an otherwise responsible one to take evasive maneuvers to avoid a crash but hits you in the process, you might be able to sue both drivers.

    Finally, there are some drivers that do not like cyclists on the road. They might believe that you are slowing traffic down or clogging up the roadway and could drive aggressively as a result.


    Bike lanes are often very close to a sidewalk. Sometimes, motor vehicles will also be parked alongside to a sidewalk for convenience. “Dooring” is when someone opens the door of their vehicle into an incoming bicyclist’s path. Not only could a collision with an unexpected door seriously injure you, but it could also damage your bike.

    Potential Injuries from Bicycle Accidents in Islip, NY

    Even if you are wearing a helmet, knee, and elbow pads, or other protective equipment, a bicycle accident can still cause serious damage. If the cyclist is not wearing any safety equipment due to personal preference or another reason, injuries are likely to be worse. While some injuries, like broken bones, are obvious, others are not. Speaking with our bicycle accident lawyers can help figure out all of the injuries you can sue for so that you have a chance at getting all the compensation you deserve.

    Traumatic Brain Injuries

    A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is caused by a particularly forceful blow to the head. TBIs can cause disorientation, loss of consciousness, difficulty remembering things, and more. Moreover, if you have had prior head injuries, like a concussion, any subsequent traumatic brain injuries tend to be much worse than they otherwise would have been.

    Helmets are helpful in preventing head injuries, but even with a helmet on, a TBI is still possible when you are involved in a bicycle accident.


    If you fall off of your bike and damage your spinal column, you could end up partially or fully paralyzed. Paralysis is usually caused by damage to the spinal column or cord, partially or fully limiting the brain’s ability to send nerve signals to parts of the body.

    Cuts, Scrapes, and Bruises

    Anybody who has ridden a bike for some period of time has likely gotten a minor scrape or bruise along the way. However, these kinds of injuries from bicycle accidents are much more serious than they first may seem. Deep cuts will likely require stitching to fully heal and, depending on where you received the cuts, could result in disfigurement.

    Scrapes are common injuries for cyclists. If you get knocked off your bike during an accident, chances are you will get some friction burns or scrapes from skidding along a hard surface. Bruises are also likely to occur from a hard impact in a bicycle accident. While minor bruises will be able to heal on their own, large bruising can be the result of internal bleeding and require immediate medical attention.

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