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    Car accidents can occur anywhere. Motorists and pedestrians travelling on busy highways, quiet streets, and crowded parking lots can all suffer serious injuries because of car crashes. Such accidents frequently occur because one driver was behaving carelessly behind the wheel.

    New York follows no-fault car insurance laws, meaning that victims of car accidents must typically file claims under their own insurance policies to recover financial compensation. However, pedestrians and victims who suffered “serious injuries” may recover damages from other, at-fault drivers. There are several types of damages available in Binghamton car accident cases.

    If you were injured because of a car accident in Binghamton, get help recovering the monetary damages you deserve. Contact our experienced Binghamton car accident lawyers by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free case review.

    Serious Injury Requirement to Recover Non-Economic Damages After Binghamton Car Accidents

    Victims of car accidents that suffer “serious injuries” may recover non-economic damages for pain and suffering from other, negligent motorists. Such damages attempt to compensate people for the physical pain and emotional anguish incurred because of an accident. If you sustained any of the following injuries because of a car accident, our lawyers can help file a claim against the at-fault driver for noneconomic damages:

    • Death
    • Dismemberment
    • Substantial disfigurement
    • Broken and fractured bones
    • Loss of an unborn child

    Some victims may question if the harm they suffered qualifies as a serious injury under New York law. Our experienced Binghamton car accident lawyers can help victims determine if their injuries fall into any of the previously mentioned classifications during a free case review.

    Suing Your Own Insurance Company for Denying Your Car Accident Claim in Binghamton

    In most cases, motorists in Binghamton must file claims for medical expenses, lost wages, and other out of pocket expenses with their own insurance companies after car accidents. In some cases, insurance companies will improperly reject your claim. The following are signs that your insurance company may have acted inappropriately:

    • Your insurer denied your claim without offering a reasonable explanation.
    • Your insurer did not communicate with you in a timely manner after filing a claim.
    • Your insurer made a very low, inadequate settlement offer.
    • Your insurer made unreasonable document requests.
    • Your insurer delayed payment of a valid claim.
    • Your insurer changed or cancelled your policy after filing a claim.

    Our experienced Binghamton car accident lawyers can help sue your own insurance company if they engaged in any of the aforementioned conduct. Our team will fight for the compensation you deserve.

    Settling a Car Accident Case vs. Taking a Car Accident Case to Trial in Binghamton

    In most car accident lawsuits, plaintiffs will have to decide between accepting a settlement offer and taking a case to trial. Settlement offers defendants to make agreed-upon payments to plaintiffs in order for cases to be voluntarily dismissed. By reaching a settlement agreement, both parties to a car accident case can save on the extensive costs of going to trial. However, defendants do not always make fair settlement offers.

    If a defendant does not make a reasonable settlement offer, you may elect to take your case to trial. Plaintiffs will have the opportunity to recover additional damages at trial. However, if plaintiffs are unsuccessful at trial, they risk receiving nothing for their injuries. Our experienced Binghamton car accident lawyers can help plaintiffs understand the value of their case, so they will know if going to trial is the right decision for them.

    Common Injures Caused by Car Crashes in Binghamton

    All car crashes can cause serious injuries. Some injuries may heal quickly while others can product lifelong effects. Our Binghamton car accident lawyers can help refer medical treatment and recover compensation for any of the following injuries:

    Back Injuries

    Car accidents are a common cause of soft tissue injuries in victims’ backs. Strains and sprains to muscles in the back are often painful and can cause victims to miss time at work. In more serious cases, car crash victims may suffer damage to their spinal cord. Such injuries can cause immobility and paralysis. Our lawyers can help car accident victims recover for the numerous damages related to spinal cord injuries.

    Head Injuries

    Car accidents are also a common cause of numerous types of head injuries. Many car accident victims will suffer skull fractures, eye damage, or other facial damage because of a crash. In more serious cases, victims can suffer traumatic brain injuries such as concussions. Traumatic brain injuries can seriously affect a person’s quality of life. Our Binghamton car accident lawyers can help victims recover compensation for the numerous damages caused by traumatic brain injuries.

    Knee Injuries

    Knee injuries can be caused by victims’ legs becoming twisted or making impact with another object during a crash. Victims who sustain damage to cartilage in their knee may be immobilized for a long time because of a crash. Furthermore, many knee injuries require surgical treatment. Our Binghamton car accident lawyers can help recover compensation for the numerous losses caused by knee injuries.

    Hand and Wrist Injuries

    Additionally, hand and wrist injuries are often caused by car crashes. It is natural for victims to use their hands to brace for impacts during accidents. Therefore, damage often occurs to bones, muscles, and tendons in victims’ hands and wrists because of car crashes. Such injuries can take a long time to heal.

    Broken Bones

    Car accident victims also frequently suffer broken bones in various other body parts because of car accidents. For serious breaks and compound fractures, surgical treatment may be required. Victims should not wait to seek medical treatment for their broken or fractured bones.

    Burn Injuries

    Burn injuries are another common injury caused by car accidents in Binghamton. Some cars may catch fire during an accident. Crash victims can suffer burn injuries because they came into contact with flames, hot surfaces, or hot liquids. Victims who suffer third-degree burns may require skin grafting.

    If You Were Injured Because of a Car Accident in Binghamton, Our Lawyers Can Help

    If you were injured because of a car accident in Binghamton, seek guidance and support from our experienced Binghamton car accident lawyers by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free case review.