What Is the Average Settlement for an 18-Wheeler Accident in New York?

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    Very large semi-trucks and 18-wheelers are fairly common throughout New York. New York City and the surrounding areas tend to be transportation and delivery hubs, so large trucks are commonplace. However, accidents with these tucks have been known to happen, and people sometimes suffer severe injuries. If you are considering settling your truck accident case, it is important to know how much the average case is worth.

    The average settlement for 18-wheeler accidents in New York is a very difficult number to estimate. Every accident case is unique, and settlements are typically based on the plaintiff’s damages and how much the parties are willing to compromise. However, since truck accidents are often so serious, settlements have reached six figures or more in many cases.

    If you or someone you love was injured in an accident with an 18-wheeler, talk to our New York truck accident attorneys about negotiating a settlement. Call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 and ask about a free case evaluation.

    How Much Are Settlements Worth for Accidents with 18-Wheelers in New York?

    Settlements in any case are somewhat unpredictable. On the one hand, many settlement negotiations tend to follow certain patterns. The parties will often consider many of the same details in different cases. On the other hand, each case is different, and no two truck accidents are identical, making a settlement offer equally unique.

    While settlements for 18-wheeler accidents might be difficult to predict, they generally tend to be on the higher side. Settlements are based on the damages claimed by injured plaintiffs. The more serious a plaintiff’s injuries and damages, the greater a settlement offer is likely to be. A plaintiff’s injuries tend to be very severe in truck accidents, sometimes life-threatening. Many injured plaintiffs suffer life-long disabilities after semi truck accidents. As such, settlements tend to be pretty big, sometimes well over six figures.

    Your settlement will depend on the nature of your claims. It is important to identify and evaluate any injuries and damages you sustained. This includes physical injuries, medical bills, property damage, lost income, and pain and suffering. Our Queens truck accident lawyers can help you determine what kind of settlement you can expect.

    How Do I Begin Settlement Negotiations for an 18-Wheeler Accident in New York?

    Settlement negotiations are a two-way street. One party typically initiates the negotiation process with a settlement offer, and the other party is free to accept the offer or reject it and make a counteroffer. Settlement negotiations can begin with either side of the case and may take a long time to work out or be very quick. Our New York truck accident lawyers have experience negotiating settlements for accidents and can help you make the most of your settlement.

    Settlements may happen after a complaint is filed and a lawsuit initiated by a plaintiff. Settlement negotiations often occur early in the trial process, giving both sides ample time to negotiate and either reach an agreement or reject an offer. Parties might be more willing to settle without ever filing a complaint in other cases. Talk to our Brooklyn truck accident attorneys about your case as soon as possible. We can reach out to your defendant and inquire about possible settlement negotiations.

    How Can I Get the Best Settlement Possible for a Semi-Truck Accident in New York?

    Getting the best settlement after an accident with an 18-wheeler is all about understanding your damages and negotiating. When entering a settlement negotiation, we need a number in mind to present to the opposing party. That number will be based on your damages. While many people think of their medical bills and damaged vehicles when calculating damages, they often overlook other injures that deserve compensation.

    Damages can, of course, include expenses related to your injuries and medical treatment, but that is not all. If your medical treatments are ongoing and are expected to last well into the future, you can also claim future medical expenses. People also often overlook the income they lose from missing work while recovering. If you spend 6 months out of work, you could claim 6 months’ worth of lost income in your damages.

    You should also always remember your non-economic or intangible damages. For example, the mental and emotional trauma after an accident is frequently glossed over but deserves compensation. Similarly, the physical pain you endured from the accident and medical treatments should be factored into your damages and settlement.

    It is best to start with the highest number possible when negotiating a settlement. Typically, the final settlement is somewhere between what you want and what the defendant wants to pay. By starting with the highest settlement offer, you increase your odds of a more favorable settlement agreement. Our Bronx truck accident lawyers can help you negotiate your settlement.

    What Do I Do If I Cannot Reach a Settlement in my 18-Wheeler Accident Case in New York?

    Not every case will end with a favorable settlement. If the parties are unwilling to compromise, or if you have trouble finding evidence to support your claim for damages, settlement negotiations might break down. While you might have been hoping to settle out of court, you still have a chance of success at trial. Our New York 18-wheeler accident lawyers can help you prepare your case for trial.

    When settlement negotiations break down, you and your Buffalo truck accident lawyer should begin preparing for trial if you have not already. Depending on when you started settlement negotiations, your trial might be far off or close at hand. Generally, statements made during settlement negotiations cannot be used at your trial. For example, if the defendant made statements admitting to causing the accident during settlement negotiations, you cannot use those statements at trial. This ensures that settlement negotiations are open, honest, and candid.

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