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    If you were hurt while working in Brookhaven, you may be able to sue for compensation, depending on the cause of your injuries.

    Suing for a work injury is typically only an option for victims whose injuries were caused by a third party’s negligence, not an employer’s negligence. That said, in rare instances, a worker might be able to sue their employer for injury in Brookhaven. You can strengthen your case by properly reporting your injuries when they occur and getting the necessary medical attention. Although going to trial can seem intimidating to some victims, it might result in greater compensation than settling a claim. Regardless, you will have three years from your work accident to bring a case for compensation in Brookhaven.

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    When You Can File a Work Injury Claim in Brookhaven

    Workplace accidents might result in serious injuries to employees in Brookhaven, regardless of the industry they work in. If a third party caused your injuries, you may be able to sue for compensation.

    Typically, workers in Brookhaven are barred from suing their employers following a work-related accident. This is because filing an insurance claim is the sole remedy, provided an employer meets the necessary insurance requirements. However, you can file a third-party claim if another person’s negligence caused your damages. This is often preferable, as lawsuits can lead to greater compensation for victims.

    A third party would be anyone other than your employer whose negligence caused your injuries. Often, this is a product manufacturer that produced and distributed a product that caused injury to a worker. Defective products might be office chairs that fall apart, construction equipment that malfunctions, or any number of things.

    Third-party negligence also applies to other cases. For example, suppose you were injured in the stairwell of your office building because of a faulty handrail. In all likelihood, the owner of the building your office is in would be liable for covering the cost of their injuries, as it is their responsibility to ensure that common areas are safe for tenants.

    In rare circumstances, victims can sue their employers if their employers do not have the proper insurance coverage in Brookhaven.

    How to Strengthen Your Work Injury Claim

    Work injury cases can be difficult to navigate, yet it is often imperative that victims recover compensation. In order to strengthen your claim, it may benefit you to take certain steps after a work injury in Brookhaven.

    Start by reporting any injuries to your employer. This should be done immediately after an accident occurs. After you seek medical attention from an approved doctor, our work injury lawyers can help you submit a written account of your injuries and the accident that caused them to your employer. This must be done within 30 days of an accident in Brookhaven. Failing to document your injuries in this way might undermine your future claim.

    Once you have properly reported a workplace incident, we will work to source statements from witnesses. This might include statements from fellow workers or others who saw your accident occur. In some instances, security footage might be available. In others, expert statements can be vital in determining the cause of injuries or providing insight into a defendant’s negligence. Any photographic evidence of your injuries or an at-fault party’s negligence can also be helpful to your case.

    Throughout the process of building evidence and strengthening a case, victims should continue to get medical attention and monitor their recovery process. This is imperative not only for the success of your claim, as medical evidence is typically crucial, but also for your health.

    Benefits of Suing for a Work Injury in Brookhaven

    There are many benefits of suing for compensation following a work injury in Brookhaven if you are able to. Filing a third-party lawsuit typically results in greater compensation for victims than settling with an employer’s insurer.

    Though beneficial in some cases, settling a work injury claim might have some drawbacks. For example, compensation for pain and suffering will most likely not be granted to a victim in a settlement. This leaves victims without proper compensation for the struggles they have been dealing with, emotionally and mentally, following a work injury in Brookhaven.

    Additionally, settling a claim instead of suing and going to court prevents a victim from potentially recovering punitive damages. While only awarded in specific circumstances, punitive damages are not uncommon in third-party work injury claims, especially if a victim was injured because of a defective product. If a defendant acted with gross negligence, causing injury to a victim, punitive damages may be available in Brookhaven.

    Deadline to Bring a Work Injury Case in Brookhaven

    You will not have unlimited time to bring a claim in Brookhaven following a work-related accident. Because of that, it is important to act quickly to ensure the success of your case.

    In Brookhaven, workers have three years from the date they sustain their injuries to enter into litigation against a negligent third party.

    One of the main reasons for filing a workplace injury claim is that victims cannot work and earn an income while healing from their injuries. This often leaves victims without sufficient funds to cover the cost of their medical bills and living expenses during their recovery.

    So, although you might have three years to sue for a work injury in Brookhaven, it is not wise to wait that long. Not only might delaying your claim cause greater financial strain on you and your family, but it might also cause your case to be less convincing to a judge or jury.

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