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    Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are very popular across the United States because they offer a very accessible way to get from one place to another. Rideshare services allow people to get where they are going without worrying about driving there and are a safe, efficient way to make sure people get home safely after a night out drinking. Unfortunately, car accidents can happen to Uber and Lyft drivers just the same as any other person on the road.

    If you were in an accident as a passenger for an Uber or Lyft driver, our lawyers can work to get you the financial compensation you need to get back on your feet. We can help prepare a strong case for you by collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses and other relevant parties, and, if need be, arguing before a judge and jury on your behalf.

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    Damages in a Brookhaven, NY Uber & Lift Accident Lawsuit

    Damages in personal injury lawsuits are designed to put the plaintiff back where they were before they got injured. The idea is to “make them whole,” again, if not literally, then through financial compensation.

    Many things can factor into damages for an Uber & Lyft accident lawsuit. The cost of medical expenses like hospital stays and physical therapy could certainly factor into your damages. Additionally, more esoteric things like pain or mental anguish can inform damage calculations. No two plaintiffs will have the same damages, so speak with our lawyers to figure out the proper amount in your case.

    How Rideshare Insurance Works in a Brookhaven, NY Uber & Lyft Accident Lawsuit

    In “no-fault” states like New York, your insurance will cover a portion of the damages from your accident, no matter who was at fault. However, the amount of coverage that at-fault insurance provides is often not enough to fully compensate plaintiffs for their injuries.

    Regular auto insurance does not cover Uber and Lyft drivers when they are working. Instead, something called “rideshare insurance” kicks in to give Uber and Lyft drivers extra coverage. Like with no-fault insurance, all of your damages might not be covered by rideshare insurance, so you should speak with our lawyers in order to help figure out the best course of action for your case.

    Lyft’s Rideshare Insurance Policy

    Lyft mandates that all of its drivers have personal auto insurance. Additionally, Lyft requires that its drivers have personal rideshare insurance. When a Lyft driver has a passenger in their vehicle or a ride selected, Lyft provides its own rideshare insurance to supplement the coverage of the driver’s own personal rideshare insurance.

    Uber’s Rideshare Insurance Policy

    Uber also requires that all their drivers have their own auto insurance. Also, like Lyft, Uber provides its own rideshare insurance coverage while their drivers have a ride selected or a passenger in the vehicle. Additionally, Uber suggests that their drivers have personal rideshare insurance to complement Uber’s own coverage. That being said, the “suggestion” that Uber, and indeed Lyft, drivers have personal rideshare insurance is more of a requirement.

    Can I Sue Uber or Lyft in a Brookhaven, NY Uber & Lyft Accident Lawsuit?

    The law allows employers to be liable for the conduct of their employees. The idea is that employers are often in a better position to compensate plaintiffs than their employees. Uber and Lyft drivers, however, are often independent contractors, not employees. So, while you can certainly file a claim with Uber or Lyft’s rideshare insurance, you probably will not be able to sue Uber or Lyft the company directly. Discuss your particular case with our lawyers to figure out the best course of action.

    Causes of Rideshare Accidents in Brookhaven, NY

    Uber and Lyft drivers are no more infallible than ordinary motorists. Although their job as professional drivers might suggest otherwise, there are factors at play that might incentivize an Uber or Lyft driver to drive in an unsafe way or make other decisions that are not safe and can cause accidents.

    Distracted Drivers

    Lyft and Uber drivers have distractions beyond those an ordinary motorist might have. Often, rideshare drivers will be using GPS to navigate where they are going. Moreover, Uber and Lyft drivers must keep track of any rides that pop up in their queue for the day. In combination with other distractions such as phone calls and texts it makes it possible for a distracted Uber or Lyft driver to get into an accident.

    Impatient Uber and Lyft Drivers

    Uber and Lyft drivers are paid for each passenger they drop off at a destination. The more passengers a driver takes to a destination, the more income they are going to get for that shift. Moreover, passengers who get to their destination quickly are more likely to leave favorable reviews and tip the driver more generously. Because of these incentives, an Uber/Lyft driver is financially incentivized to get their passengers to their destination quickly in order to get more rides. Such pressure might encourage a driver to speed or drive dangerously in order to “make good time,” which increases the chance of an accident.

    Unfamiliar Territory

    Uber and Lyft drivers take people to many different destinations. While rideshare drivers almost ubiquitously use GPS apps and other means to safely get from point A to point B, Uber and Lyft drivers frequently are away from a neighborhood or area they know well. In those instances, a driver could get lost or misjudge the path of a road, increasing the likelihood of an accident happening.

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