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Going to work should not be a health hazard. While some jobs come with certain hazards, protections and precautions should be in place to prevent injuries.

There might be multiple parties liable for a work injury. In many cases, employers and supervisors are liable because it is their job to ensure safety protocols, protective gear, and adequate employee training. In other cases, a coworker’s negligence might be to blame, and they should be held liable. Still, in other cases, third parties like vendors, suppliers, or even clients are responsible for causing work injuries. Possible work injuries vary based on your field of work, but common injuries include premises liability issues, dangerous equipment, or a lack of safety training. In a lawsuit, you can claim economic and non-economic damages related to your injuries. An attorney can help you file your case and argue for the maximum amount of compensation possible.

On-the-job accidents are rarely excusable, even in high-risk fields of employment. Our White Plains work injury lawyers can help you hold the responsible parties liable for your injuries. Call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free case review.

Liability for a Work Injury in White Plains, NY

Employers, supervisors, and managers are in charge of important, high-level aspects of a workplace, including safety. Exactly what your employer is responsible for regarding safety varies based on where you work and the nature of the job. If you work in construction, your employer should make sure any equipment they provide to workers is safe and that safety equipment like hard hats and goggles are in good condition.

In other cases, negligent coworkers are liable for causing accidents. For example, a coworker who intentionally causes someone harm (e.g., pushing them down the stairs, punching them, tripping them) would be liable for their actions rather than an employer. Even if your coworker’s actions were not intentional, they might still be liable for their negligence. Talk to our White Plains work injury attorneys about your coworker’s actions to determine what to do next.

Third parties like customers, clients, or vendors can also be held liable. One common example is product liability, in which a manufacturer of supplies is liable for accidents caused by defective goods. This comes up more often in cases where the manufacturer produces dangerous power tools or equipment that is defective. However, even defective office supplies like desk chairs can cause serious injuries.

Examples of Work Injuries in White Plains

For every workplace, there are unique safety risks that must be accounted for by employers. Possible accidents will always vary based on the work environment, although some accidents are more common than others. Our White Plains work injury lawyers can help you explore your legal options if you were hurt at work.

Some fields have inherent risks that are just a natural part of the job. Construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and similar fields where workers perform labor-intensive work with powerful tools and equipment are inherently risky. For example, falls from ladders or scaffolding are common in the construction field, and workers are often seriously hurt. Workers in the above fields might be hurt in a caught-between accident where they are pinned between equipment or heavy materials.

We must also consider equipment malfunctions and failures. If you work with power tools or heavy machinery as part of your job, those tools or equipment must be safe. If these tools and equipment are manufactured with defects or are damaged when they arrive to you, you can sue the manufacturer for damages.

Even in seemingly safer workplaces like offices, there are serious safety risks. An employee might slip and fall because maintenance failed to clean up a spill. Alternatively, an employee might fall down a flight of stairs because there was no handrail or the steps were damaged. Stairs, elevators, and even hallways are all at risk of being home to accidents and injuries.

Possible Damages in White Plains Work Injury Lawsuits

Like possible workplace accidents, potential damages will vary from case to case. You should speak with our White Plains work injury lawyers about the possible damages in your case as soon as possible. Damages might be very expensive, especially for plaintiffs who are too injured to return to work.

Economic damages should include your medical bills related to the workplace accident. Medical costs are infamously expensive, even for people with health insurance. If your injuries were covered by health insurance, you can still include the high deductibles you paid as part of your economic damages.

Many injured workers are unable to return to work temporarily or indefinitely. In that case, you should claim the value of your lost wages as part of your damages. Our White Plains work injury attorneys can help you determine the value of your lost and future lost wages.

Non-economic are harder to evaluate because they are so subjective. They are based more on personal experiences with the accident rather than a predetermined price or value. For example, if your injuries were painful and emotionally traumatic, you can claim emotional and physical pain and suffering. You can also claim things like damage to your reputation and humiliation from the accident.

Why Hire a White Plains Work Injury Lawyer

Speaking with a lawyer about your case is important because they can provide invaluable legal services that most people are unprepared to deal with on their own. For example, our White Plains work injury lawyers can help you determine what kind of lawsuit you have and how to approach it. A product liability lawsuit should be handled much differently than a premises liability case. Additionally, accidents might implicate different people, and your lawyer can help you determine who should be held liable.

Your attorney can also help you develop strategies and use your evidence in the most advantageous way possible. Simply having evidence or information is only half the equation; you must know how to use it effectively. Lawyers are trained legal professionals who can identify important evidence and determine how to use it to your advantage.

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