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    We feel embarrassed when we slip and fall and get back up, hoping nobody saw. However, there are many instances where a person slips and falls and does not get back up because they are severely injured.

    Slip and fall accidents can happen almost anywhere, often because of the poor conditions of the premises. For example, many accidents happen on icy walkways that someone neglected to clear. Liability for slip and fall accidents tends to fall on property owners. A property owner has a duty to make the premises safe for visitors. Failing to do so might lead to accidents, and the property owner should be held liable. You can recover damages for your financial losses, including medical expenses, in addition to your pain, suffering, and other non-economic damages. An attorney can help you begin your case, gather evidence, and prove the defendant is liable.

    If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, you should speak to our Harlem slip and fall accident lawyers about what happened. Depending on your situation, the owner of the premises might be liable. For a free case assessment, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.

    How and Where Slip and Fall Accidents Occur in Harlem

    Slip and fall accidents can happen almost anywhere and are caused by a wide variety of conditions. Many accidents happen in private residences. For example, suppose a neighbor invites you over for dinner, but they neglected to shovel their walkway to their front door after a snowfall. You might slip and fall on the icy walkway, and your neighbor would be liable for your injuries because it was their responsibility to make the walkway safe for guests.

    Slip and fall accidents can also happen when people shop or run errands. A common cause of slip and fall accidents in stores, businesses, and restaurants is a wet floor. Perhaps someone just cleaned the floor and it is still wet, or someone else spilled something that has not yet been cleaned up. Either way, the floor might be wet, and you might not notice until you slip and fall, severely injuring yourself.

    Slip and fall accidents can also happen in public spaces, like public sidewalks, parks, or roads. The government, usually a local municipality, may be responsible for maintaining walkways in a public park or sidewalks in an area with heavy pedestrian traffic. The town or city might be liable if the walkways or sidewalks fall into disrepair and cause you to trip and fall. In any of these cases, or any other case not mentioned here, you can call our Harlem slip and fall lawyers for help.

    Liability for Slip and Fall Accidents in Harlem

    While we know the person who owns a particular property or premises is responsible for keeping it safe, proving they are liable for your slip and fall accident might be challenging. To determine liability in a slip and fall accident, we must consider who owns the property and whether you were expected as a guest. Our Harlem slip and fall accident attorneys can help you prove liability and cover your damages.

    A property owner has a duty of care to make the premises safe for guests. This duty extends to known and possibly unknown hazards that need repairs or removal. If a property owner knows of any hazards, they must remove or repair them for the safety of any guests or visitors. The property owner must also make reasonable inspections for unknown hazards. These inspections need not be as thorough as absolutely possible but only reasonable under the circumstances.

    Property owners owe this duty of care to guests and visitors they have either explicitly invited or should be reasonably aware of. For example, a social guest invited onto the premises would be a known visitor. However, even people not invited, but should be reasonably expected, are covered by this duty. A mail carrier is not necessarily invited onto the property but can be expected to enter the property when necessary.

    This duty of property owners does not cover unknown trespassers. If a trespasser unknown to the property owner slips and falls, the property owner is not liable for their injuries.

    Damages Recoverable in Harlem Slip and Fall Lawsuits

    After a nasty slip and fall accident, you might have significant damages to cover. Our Harlem slip and fall accident lawyers can help you assess your damages so you can maximize your potential financial compensation

    Economic damages encompass your losses and injuries that came at a real financial cost. For example, your medical bills would be counted among your economic damages after a slip and fall accident. In many cases, plaintiffs’ injuries are so severe that they must receive continuing or ongoing treatment. In that case, you can include any future medical costs you can reasonably expect as part of your damages.

    Non-economic damages are somewhat more challenging to wrap your head around because they relate to the plaintiff’s subjective personal experiences. For example, your physical pain and emotional suffering are considered non-economic damages and may be evaluated based on how they impact your life on a regular basis. Other forms of non-economic damages might include humiliation or damage to your reputation.

    How an Attorney Can Help Your Harlem Slip and Fall Case

    People tend to talk about slip and fall accidents as if they are minor mishaps. In reality, they can be extremely dangerous and lead to complex legal actions that many people are unprepared to handle alone. Our Harlem slip and fall accident attorneys can help you file a lawsuit, assess your damages, and gather evidence to hold the defendant liable.

    Beginning a lawsuit can be a surprisingly difficult endeavor. Your must draft and file a formal complaint with the appropriate court. If certain details are missing from the complaint, or if you file with the wrong court, your case might be rejected, and you must begin again. Your attorney should know the court system and the ins and outs of filing a complaint to get your case off the ground without a hitch.

    In addition, your lawyer can help you gather evidence to prove the defendant in your case is liable for the accident. They can also help you negotiate a settlement agreement with the defendant if you would rather avoid a trial and end your ordeal sooner rather than later.

    Call Our Harlem Slip and Fall Lawyers for a Free Case Review

    A slip and fall accident can be extremely serious, and victims have been known to suffer grave injuries. Our Harlem slip and fall accident attorneys can help you hold property owners liable for their negligence. For a free case review, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.