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    Construction zones are restricted areas for good reasons. They are dangerous places where accidents may happen if necessary precautions are not taken, and the resulting injuries might be severe.

    A construction project might involve numerous dangerous tools, materials, and pieces of equipment. As such, there are multiple ways a person can be injured in an accident on a construction site. A lot of accidents stem from falls or being caught between heavy equipment. Depending on how your accident happened, one or more people can be held liable. If we are successful, the liable party must cover your damages, including economic and non-economic losses you experienced because of the accident.

    If you are an injured construction worker or someone who was hurt while passing by a construction site, you deserve justice for the harm done to you. Call our Whiteplains construction accident and injury lawyers for help. Call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.

    Different Types of Construction Accidents and Injuries in Whiteplains

    Construction sites might be set up for various kinds of projects. Some construction projects are very large, involve a lot of special tools and equipment, and involve risky work for construction employees. Other construction sites might be for smaller projects, but they are not less dangerous. Our Whiteplains construction accident and injury attorneys can assess how your accident happened when filing your lawsuit.


    Falls are some of the most common accidents on construction sites. Workers often work from great heights on scaffolding or the tops of buildings. A fall from even one story off the ground may lead to devastating injuries. To avoid falls, construction site employers must ensure certain safety precautions are put into place. If these precautions are absent or insufficient, workers might get hurt. A fall might happen from rooftops, scaffolding, ladders, or anywhere else a construction worker might be off the ground.

    Dangerous Tools and Equipment

    Construction projects cannot be completed without the help of powerful tools and equipment. While workers are often trained to use this equipment safely, accidents may still happen. A construction site is a chaotic environment, and when a worker uses a dangerous piece of equipment, other people might interfere and cause an accident.

    For example, if a construction worker uses a circular saw, other people on the site should know to stay back. If another person disregards safety procedures and gets too close to the circular saw, they might bump the worker and cause them to injure their fingers or hand. Our Whiteplains construction accident and injury attorneys can help you hold any negligent parties liable for the harm they caused.


    Another common accident in the construction industry is known as a “caught-between.” These accidents involve workers being pinned between two heavy objects. In many cases, a caught-between accident involves a worker stuck between a large piece of machinery like a forklift and a wall.

    Caught-betweens are extremely dangerous accidents, and injured workers are sometimes crushed between heavy objects and machinery. In many cases, the injured worker never fully recovers and experiences life-long pain, injuries, or disabilities.

    Defective Equipment

    Even when all safety procedures are followed, accidents might still happen if the tools or equipment being used are defective. Sometimes a piece of defective equipment is damaged, unbeknownst to the user. In other cases, the equipment is not damaged but poorly designed and unsafe to use, even for its intended purpose. For example, if the safety catch on a nail gun is damaged or improperly designed, a person might be injured by a misfired nail. In such cases, the manufacturer of the defective equipment and anyone else in the chain of sale can be held liable. Our Whiteplains construction accident and injury lawyers can help you figure out what went wrong with your equipment and hold the manufacturer or others responsible.

    Third Parties

    Construction accidents are not always caused by people working on the construction site. In some cases, accidents are caused by third parties who enter the site, with or without permission. Trespassers sometimes enter construction sites hoping to steal valuable equipment or material, or perhaps they simply want to vandalize the place and cause trouble. Either way, they might interfere with or damage equipment, and an unsuspecting worker might be injured.

    Understanding Liability in Whiteplains Construction Accident and Injury Cases

    In a construction accident case, multiple people might be to blame for your injuries. Determining who should be held liable often depends on how the accident occurred. You can discuss your case with our Whiteplains construction accident and injury attorneys, and we can help you figure out who should be held liable for your accident.

    We should explore the possibility that your employer is liable for the accident. Employers and people in charge of construction sites (e.g., project managers, property owners, general contractors) are usually responsible for ensuring that the site is safe for employees. This might involve providing necessary safety gear, training, and adhering to safety requirements under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

    Alternatively, a third party, as discussed earlier, might be liable. Liable third parties might include trespassers, equipment manufacturers, or even someone who wanders through by mistake. Lawsuits against third parties are sometimes difficult because they are not always easily identifiable. Our Whiteplains construction accident and injury attorneys can help you figure out the identities of any unknown parties.

    Recoverable Damages in Lawsuits for Construction Accidents and Injuries in Whiteplains

    Your damages in a construction accident may include both economic and non-economic injuries. Economic injuries are those that cost money. Non-economic damages do not involve monetary losses but are still painful experiences that deserve compensation. Our Whiteplains construction accident and injury lawyers can calculate the damages in your case and hopefully maximize your potential compensation.

    Economic damages often include medical bills. Medical bills tend to be very expensive in construction accident cases where injuries can be severe. Surgeries, medications, physical therapy, and other treatments might not be affordable to injured plaintiffs without compensation. You can even claim future medical expenses if you require ongoing or indefinite treatments. Injured workers also tend to miss a lot of work due to their injuries, and they can claim lost income as part of their economic damages.

    Non-economic damages include things like your physical and mental pain and suffering. Not only are injuries related to construction accidents painful, but they also take a significant mental toll on victims. Many injured plaintiffs report experiencing PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other signs of psychological trauma.

    Call Our Whiteplains Construction Accident and Injury Lawyers for Help

    If you were injured at a construction site, the person whose negligence caused your injuries should be held liable and made to pay for your expenses. Our Whiteplains construction accident and injury lawyer will fight to get you the compensation you need. Call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free case review.