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    Slip and falls are often seen as minor accidents because of the simplicity of the accident.  However, falling down – even from a standing height – can cause substantial injuries like broken bones, back injuries, and even traumatic brain injuries.

    For help recovering compensation for your slip and fall accident, consider working with a Utica slip and fall lawyer.  Our attorneys can help you determine what parties are responsible for your accident and file the proper insurance claims and lawsuits against them to get you the damages you need.  We can also help you evaluate the damages in your case so that you know what your claim should be worth instead of relying on the insurance company’s valuation.

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    Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Utica, NY

    Slip and falls can occur in many different ways.  Typically, wet or dirty surfaces are involved.  In many cases, this means that the property owner failed to properly clean up spills or debris or at least warn of the hazard.

    Property owners and operators can often be held liable for dangerous conditions on their premises.  This includes things like structural damage, but it also includes simple things like slip and fall hazards.  If there was a spill that the property owner failed to clean up, guests and customers could slip and fall because of the puddle.  This kind of accident often occurs in grocery stores, convenience stores, bars, restaurants, and other places where food and drink are served.

    Spills are not the only cause of slip and falls.  Floors can become wet from things like mopping or even from patrons and workers tracking in water during a storm.  Office buildings, hospitals, malls, and other buildings with a lot of foot traffic often put up signs to warn about wet floors.  They then task their staff with using towels, mops, and fans to dry up these slip and fall hazards.  Failing to do so could make the building owner responsible for your injuries and allow our Utica slip and fall lawyers to file a lawsuit against them on your behalf.

    Other debris, such as sand, gravel, stones, wet leaves, and trash, can also be slipping hazards.  Occasionally, some flooring materials are also very slippery and could constitute a danger to guests and visitors.  Loose or warped floorboards can also be a tripping hazard, especially on staircases.

    Last but not least, some of the number one causes of slip and falls are ice and snow.  Failing to clear and salt sidewalks, parking lots, steps, and walkways can result in serious injuries.  Many businesses begin to neglect their duty to clear ice and snow as the winter drags on, potentially resulting in serious injuries to customers and patrons.

    Who is Responsible for Slip and Fall Accidents in Utica, NY?

    Slip and fall accidents can be broken down into three different scenarios that result in lawsuits against different parties or groups:

    Accidents on Public Property

    If you were hurt in a slip and fall on public property, you might have a difficult time recovering compensation.  Our Utica slip and fall accident lawyers may be able to file your case against the local municipality for failing to take care of walkways and surfaces, but these cases are not always successful.

    However, slip and falls on sidewalks are often an exception.  The owner of the property next to the sidewalk is usually responsible for keeping the sidewalk free of ice and snow and other hazards.  If they failed to do this, you could be entitled to sue them for your slip and fall injuries.

    Injuries on Private Property

    If you were hurt in a store, bar, restaurant, or on an individual’s private property, you can typically sue the property owner.  Property owners are ultimately responsible for the upkeep and safety of their property.  Whether you were a social guest, a customer, or someone merely passing through the property, you may have a case against a property owner who failed to keep their floors and surfaces safe.

    Injuries on Rented Property

    When the property is actually part of a rental agreement, the question of whom you can sue for the accident is sometimes more complicated.  Generally, property owners are responsible for what happens on their property, but when they rent their property out to a tenant, that tenant takes over a lot of the day-to-day responsibilities, such as upkeep.  Still, some areas of the property may still be managed by the landlord instead of the tenant.

    Regardless of whether the property is a commercial or residential property, areas within the tenant’s rental unit are usually the tenant’s responsibility.  That means that a slip and fall within a particular store at the mall or in a friend’s apartment are typically that store operator or friend’s fault.  Otherwise, injuries in common areas of a mall, apartment building, office building, or other property could be the landlord or property manager’s responsibility.  Ultimately, the rental agreement will often detail who is responsible for what areas and help our Utica slip and fall lawyers determine which parties to sue for your injuries.

    Damages for Slip and Falls in Utica, NY

    It is important to have our Utica slip and fall accident lawyers review your case and help determine how much your damages are worth.  Many injury victims understand that they can claim damages for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  However, you may not know about other areas of damages you can claim, and you might not be able to determine how much your specific case is worth without the help of an experienced injury attorney.

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