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    Trucks hauling large trailers full of freight are common sights on the road, but they are extremely dangerous in accidents. Numerous people might be severely injured in a truck accident.

    Truck accidents have many possible causes. While traffic violations are a common reason for truck accidents, they might also be caused by equipment malfunctions or poor road conditions. Our legal team can help you sue the parties responsible for your damages, including economic and non-economic injuries and losses. Not only can we help you hold the negligent truck driver responsible, but their employer, the trucking company, might also share liability. The evidence we can use to support your claims might include physical evidence from the accident scene and witness testimony. Our team can help you find what you need to prove your claims.

    If you or someone you love was recently involved in a truck accident, our Schenectady truck accident lawyers can help you get fair compensation. For a free case review, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.

    Typical Causes of Truck Accident in Schenectady

    Perhaps one of the most significant causes of trucking accidents is driver negligence. Truck drivers have a big responsibility while behind the wheel. Trucks are enormous vehicles hauling multiple tons of cargo. Distracted driving, ignoring speed limits, or driving recklessly can cause devastating accidents.

    Accidents might also happen because of equipment failures. For example, if the trailer hitch that connects the truck to the large trailer behind it malfunctions, the trailer might come loose from the truck and collide with other vehicles. Another possibility is that the underride guard fails, and a rear-end crash ends with the other driver wedged under the truck.

    Road conditions are another important factor to consider in truck accident cases. When the weather is bad, truckers must be more defensive in their driving. If it is raining, snowing, or there is heavy fog, truckers must drive slower, use headlights to increase visibility, and be more aware of their surroundings. Truck drivers who do not adjust their driving to the weather and road conditions are more likely to cause an accident. Talk to our Schenectady truck accident attorneys about how you were injured, and we can help you get justice and fair compensation.

    Damages Available in Schenectady Truck Accident Lawsuits

    Injuries in a truck accident tend to be severe, even catastrophic. In your case, the economic and non-economic damages might be very high, and a lot of valuable compensation might be at stake. You should speak with our Schenectady truck accident lawyers about your case so we can accurately calculate your potential damages.

    Economic damages may be awarded for the various financial losses you endured due to the truck accident. Medical bills, the value of your destroyed vehicle, and lost income due to missing work may all be claimed as part of your economic damages. Tallying up your total economic damages is easy if you keep thorough records of all your expenses related to the truck accident.

    Non-economic damages are harder to pinpoint because they are based on a plaintiff’s personal experiences and are more subjective than economic damages. For example, plaintiffs injured in truck accidents often claim physical and emotional pain and suffering as part of their non-economic damages. Similarly, you could claim humiliation or damage to your reputation if they apply to your case. Our team can help you determine the value of these damages by assessing how they impact your life on a daily basis.

    Liability for Schenectady Truck Accidents

    Figuring out who should be held liable for the truck accident is often easier said than done. Injured victims often have a fuzzy recollection of the accident, and it might be difficult to determine who is to blame for the crash. This is especially true when multiple vehicles are involved in an accident. Our Schenectady truck accident attorneys can help you identify those responsible for the crash and help you sue them for damages.

    The truck driver is one of the first parties we should examine for liability. As mentioned earlier, the truck driver bears a lot of responsibility when on the road. They are often the last line of defense when it comes to preventing a terrible accident. Traffic violations, distracted driving, or poorly maintained truck equipment are often truckers’ fault, and they deserve to be held accountable for their negligence.

    The trucking company can also be held liable in a truck accident case. Trucking companies might be vicariously liable for their employee’s negligence under certain circumstances. To hold a trucking company vicariously liable, we must show that the employee (i.e., the trucker) was in the course of their normal job duties when the accident happened. The trucking company may be just as responsible for negligence behind the wheel as the trucker themselves.

    Evidence You Might Need in a Schenectady Truck Accident Lawsuit

    Evidence is the beating heart of any lawsuit. If we do not have enough evidence, the court might reject your lawsuit before we can even get started. The evidence you need is unique to your case, although some evidence is common across many cases. Our Schenectady truck accident lawyers are here to help you find the evidence we can use to support your claims.

    Medical records are a must in any personal injury lawsuit, especially in truck accident cases. Injuries in truck accidents are often severe. Many accident victims suffer permanent, life-changing injuries. We need your medical records to show a jury just how serious your injuries are and how your life had or will change because of them.

    Physical evidence may also be very important as it often comes directly from the accident scene. We might have to move quickly to get physical evidence since accident scenes are cleared away by the authorities fairly quickly. If we cannot get physical evidence, photographs of the evidence and the accident scene might be useful.

    Most trucks nowadays are equipped with a black box similar to the one on planes. The box records various aspects of the truck’s journey, including speeds, breaking times, and distance traveled. This information might be crucial to our claims, and we need to work with the trucking company to get the black box.

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    If you were hurt in a truck accident, you might need help paying for your extensive medical bills and putting your life back together. Our Schenectady truck accident lawyers are here to help you during this incredibly difficult time. For a free case assessment, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.