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    Whether checking into a hotel on vacation or for a business trip, you should be able to expect a clean, comfortable, and safe environment for your stay. Guests get hurt when a hotel is negligent, and the hotel should be held liable.

    There might be numerous ways in which a hotel guest might be injured. Injures in elevators, stairwells, pools, or generally unsanitary conditions are possible. An injured guest can sue the hotel to recover economic damages such as medical bills, destroyed property, and other expenses. They can also recover non-economic damages, like their traumatic pain and suffering. After filing your lawsuit, be prepared for the hotel to fight back. Hotels, particularly large chains, do not want to risk being held liable because it might cost them a lot of money. With the right evidence, an attorney can help you stand your ground and get the compensation you need.

    If you were injured while staying at a hotel in New York City, our Queens attorneys for injuries at hotels can help you get the financial compensation you deserve. For a free case assessment, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.

    How Guests Can Be Injured at Hotels in Queens

    Hotels tend to be rather large establishments. Even small to midsized hotels are not very small and may house dozens of guests at a time. Larger hotels might hold hundreds of guests, and the hotel must take steps to prevent hazards and injuries. Our Queens attorneys for injuries at hotels can help you get compensation for your injuries.

    Premises liability issues are common in lawsuits against hotels. Injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents in hallways, dining rooms, and lobbies are possible. Other accidents might stem from unsafe stairwells or elevators. If your injuries happened because the premises of the hotel were unsafe, the hotel should be held liable for not removing or repairing the hazardous conditions.

    Swimming pools and hot tubs are popular amenities in hotels. Children especially enjoy swimming in the hotel pool while their parents relax. Serious drowning accidents might occur if there is no lifeguard on duty. Guests might also be injured if the pool water is unclean or the chemical balance of the chlorine is wrong.

    Many hotels have bars and restaurants on site for guests and other patrons. Unsanitary food or unclean conditions can cause severe food poisoning. In some cases, food poisoning is so bad that guests must be hospitalized. Other unsanitary conditions in a hotel might include bed bugs, rooms that are not cleaned between guests, and generally unsanitary conditions throughout the premises.

    Sometimes, hotel guests get hurt because of an emergency that the hotel neglected to prevent or prepare for. For example, if a fire breaks out in a hotel, but fire alarms in some guests’ rooms do not go off because the hotel neglected to inspect them, the hotel should be held liable for any injuries those guests sustain.

    Damages Available in Lawsuits for Injuries in Hotels in Queens

    Your damages include the numerous losses you experienced because of your injuries from the hotel. Exactly what your damages look like depends on how your injuries at the hotel occurred. Speak to our Queens lawyers for injuries at hotels to discuss possible damages in your case.

    Economic damages may be quite costly, depending on the nature of your injuries. Of course, we must include your medical expenses related to the accident in your damages calculations. Even if you have health insurance that covers most of your medical bills, you can still claim the high cost of insurance deductibles as part of your economic losses. Additionally, you can recover economic damages related to destroyed property and lost wages from missing work due to your injuries.

    Non-economic damages are more challenging to determine because they heavily depend on your subjective personal experiences. For example, you can claim your emotional and physical pain and suffering as part of your damages. You can also claim non-economic damages for humiliation or damage to your reputation.

    What to Do After Filing a Lawsuit Against a Queens Hotel for Injuries

    Once our Queens attorneys for injuries at hotels help you file your lawsuit, we must immediately begin preparing your case for trial. This typically includes numerous pretrial hearings, evidence, and settlement talks. Remember, no two cases are exactly the same, and the path your case takes depends on your unique circumstances.

    While we should already have some evidence collected before filing your case, the search for evidence never stops. We should still be trying to find any additional information or evidence we do not already have.

    We must also prepare to file any necessary motions with the court leading up to the trial. One very important motion is a motion to have certain evidence excluded. For example, if we know the defendant is likely to try using evidence we believe should not be heard, we can ask the judger to exclude it. Common reasons for excluding evidence include its lack of relevancy, prejudicial value, or a legal privilege protecting it.

    Our team can also help you set up settlement negotiations with the defendant in the hopes of getting some of your damages covered while avoiding a trial.

    Evidence You Need for a Lawsuit Against a Queens Hotel for Your Injuries

    Speaking of evidence, it is incredibly important to gather as much supporting evidence as possible. Evidence might be almost anything related to the hotel accident and tends to prove the hotel should be held liable. Our Queens lawyers for injuries at hotels can help you identify and gather evidence in your case,

    If possible, you should take photos and record videos of the accident scene immediately after it happened. For example, if a fire in your hotel room injured you, you should take photos of the room after the fire is extinguished.

    If possible, we should also seek out any security camera footage of the accident. Hotels often have security cameras throughout the building, and there is a good chance your accident was captured on camera. We should act quickly when it comes to this kind of evidence as the hotel is the one that keeps it.

    We must submit your medical records as evidence of your injuries. For example, your medical records may help us establish the extent and severity of your injuries. They can also be used to help us prove the cost of your medical expenses when we argue over damages.

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    If you were hurt while staying in a hotel, our Queens attorneys for injuries at hotels can help you get justice and compensation. For a free case review, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.