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    Construction workers are routinely subjected to dangerous working conditions. It is often an inherent part of the job. However, employers must exercise caution and enforce safety procedures. Otherwise, they might be liable for injuries.

    Accidents on construction sites are common, and workers are usually prepared with safety gear. Unfortunately, some accidents are very dangerous, and workers might be badly hurt. Injuries from faulty tools, burns, electrocution, and falls are not unheard of. While the issue of suing an employer is often complex and dependent on whether Workers’ Compensation covers your case, New York’s Scaffolding Law provides injured construction workers with a way to sue their negligent employers if specific conditions are present. Damages should account for monetary losses and various painful, non-economic injuries, like emotional trauma. Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible, as there is a tight deadline by which you must file a lawsuit.

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    Accidents and Injuries on Construction Sites That Might Lead to a Lawsuit in Pittsford, NY

    Construction sites are known for being full of debris, tools, machinery, and workers. They are often very hectic, with workers coming and going, and they must navigate numerous potential pitfalls and hazards.

    Power tools are dangerous even when working properly. When a tool or piece of equipment is damaged or defective, it might hurt the worker trying to use it. In such cases, you might have a claim against the manufacturer of the faulty tool if the defect originated during the manufacturing process.

    Burns and electrical injuries are also common, especially for those working in the electrical field. For example, an electrician might be working on wiring a building or a home when someone negligently turns on the power. If the wires are exposed, the electrician might be electrocuted and badly burned. Safety protocols should be in place to prevent such mishaps, but if they are not enforced or disregarded, workers might be hurt.

    Falls are among the most common and severe kinds of construction accidents. Workers routinely work from high places like roofs, ladders, and scaffolding. Faulty ladders, scaffolding, or safety gear might cause a worker to fall and become badly injured.

    Can I Sue My Employer for Construction Related Accident and Injuries in Pittsford, NY?

    Normally, work injuries are handled as Workers’ Compensation claims. One important element of Workers’ Compensation claims is that injured workers cannot sue their employers, barring special circumstances. In New York, construction workers injured on the job might be able to sue their employer under specific circumstances explained under the New York Scaffold Law.

    The New York Scaffold Law is a combination of several labor law sections that provide details on when, why, and how an injured construction worker can sue their employer. The law generally covers injuries involving falls or falling debris.

    First, your employer must have acted negligently, and their negligence must directly cause your accident and injuries. Second, the accident must have occurred when you fell from a height, ladder, or scaffold or through an unsecured opening, or you were struck by a falling object, or you were injured because of a violation of one of New York’s industrial regulations, or a negligent third party caused the accident.

    The law also imposed numerous requirements for contractors and property owners when it comes to erecting scaffolding. At certain heights, scaffolding must have safety railings. There are also regulations regarding how much weight the scaffolding should be able to support.

    Contact an attorney immediately if your injuries stem from a falling or gravity-related accident. The Scaffold Law might cover your injuries, and your employer might be liable regardless of Workers’ Compensation rules.

    Possible Damages in Pittsford, NY Construction Injury and Accident Claims

    Damages in construction accident cases can be high, and an attorney can help you identify all possible damages in your specific claim. Much of your damages will likely be rooted in economic costs, but others might be based on non-economic injuries and experiences.

    Many injured construction workers need extensive medical care after an accident. In severe cases, complications might arise, and injuries might be long-term or permanent. You should claim any medical bills you have incurred thus far and any reasonably anticipated future medical costs if you need ongoing care.

    With severe injuries, you might be unable to return to work any time soon, if ever. Without a job, you lose income that would otherwise help fund your medical expenses and recover. A lawyer can help you calculate the value of lost wages and income, including future lost income, and add it to your damages.

    We must not overlook non-economic injuries. Pain and suffering in these kinds of accidents can be overwhelming. Your injuries might be physically excruciating, and enduring that kind of pain, especially long-term pain, might take a psychological toll.

    Injured victims also must come to terms with things like disabilities or long-term injuries that change the way they live. You might also experience damage to your professional reputation as a construction professional. All these experiences, though subjective, deserve fair financial compensation.

    When to Speak to a Pittsford, NY Attorney About Your Construction Accident and Injuries

    It would be best to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible for several important reasons. First, the longer you wait to take legal action, the more difficult it might be to prove your claims. Evidence tends to disappear, and the witnesses’ memories only become foggier with time. Beginning your case as soon as possible gives you a better shot at fair compensation.

    You should also keep in mind the deadline to file a lawsuit. Under CVP Law § 214, the statute of limitation imposes a 3-year deadline to file your lawsuit. If more than 3 years have passed since you were initially injured in a construction accident, you might be unable to file your lawsuit.

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