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    Bus accidents are often regarded as roadside disasters. It is not unusual for multiple drivers and passengers to be devastatingly injured. When this happens, you should immediately call an attorney.

    Bus accidents might be influences by various factors, but driver negligence, rowdy passengers, and faulty bus equipment are common. If you are unsure whether you should sue, consider the damages you incurred because of the accident. High medical bills, significant disruption to your life, and intense physical and emotional pain are all valid reasons for filing a lawsuit. Speaking of damages, you can claim significant damages for things like medical bills, lost income, destroyed property, pain, and suffering. To get compensation for these damages, we need evidence, which often comes from the accident scene, although other areas might be worth exploring.

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    How a Bus Accident Might Happen in Oyster Bay

    Bus crashes are often intense and tend to be thoroughly investigated by the authorities to determine how the accident happened. While there are various potential causes of a bus accident, certain factors are more common. Driver negligence, issues with bus passengers, and faulty equipment are just a few commonly cited reasons for bus accidents.

    Driver negligence is a broad category of possible reasons for a crash. For example, perhaps the bus driver was distracted when they caused the accident and were not looking at the road. Maybe the driver was speeding, ran a stop sign, or blew through a red light. Even something seemingly minor, like failing to signal a turn, could lead to a bad crash.

    Passenger issues are another concern on buses, especially public transit buses, where thousands of passengers get on and off daily. Sometimes, passengers become rowdy and might distract the driver or even interfere with the driver’s operation of the bus. This is common on late-night buses where passengers might board after a night of drinking and partying. Alternatively, passengers could get into an altercation that distracts the bus driver or even involves the driver.

    Faulty bus equipment might cause a crash when some important part of the bus fails to work as it should. For example, a faulty brake might cause the bus to collide with other vehicles at a high rate of speed. Malfunctioning windshield wipers in a heavy storm might also cause an accident because of the driver’s reduced visibility.

    Why You Should Sue for a Bus Accident in Oyster Bay

    It is normal for injured bus accident victims to be unsure about taking legal action. Filing a lawsuit is a big step, and many potential plaintiffs are unsure if they are ready to make such a significant commitment. Our bus accident lawyers can go over your case and available legal options so you can decide what is best.

    High damages are one of the main reasons why bus accident victims sue. Since bus collisions often leave people with harsh injuries or even long-term disabilities, it is no surprise that high medical bills are par for the course. On top of mounting medical debt, you might have to worry about costly property damage and lost income from being unable to go back to work after the crash. At the end of the day, you might be losing vast amounts of money, and you should sue to restore all that you have lost.

    Financial losses aside, you should sue because the bus accident caused a major disruption to your life. This is not something people quickly bounce back from. Many injured victims spend weeks, months, or even years recovering from injuries. Additionally, it might take you just as long if not longer to recover from the psychological trauma of a serious crash. Your life might change for quite some time, and you deserve fair compensation.

    Even if you make a full recovery and your debts from the accident are manageable, you deserve justice. The bus driver and other potentially liable parties wronged you and caused you severe injuries. As such, you might feel very violated. A verdict in your favor might help you find closure so you can move forward and put the accident behind you.

    Finding Evidence for Your Bus Accident Lawsuit in Oyster Bay

    We must have evidence to support your claims for damages. Otherwise, your case is dead on arrival. Fortunately, evidence might come from almost anywhere, and we should leave no stone unturned. The best place to begin our hunt for evidence is at the scene of the bus accident.

    Buses are often monitored by security cameras. Depending on the bus, there might be cameras inside and out. Public transit buses often have cameras recording inside and outside, so other cars and people entering or exiting the bus may be recorded. It is imperative that we get copies of this footage. Ideally, the bus company should immediately preserve any video footage from the accident.

    Considering how many other drivers might have been on the road and how many passengers might have been on the bus, there should be plenty of witnesses we can call on. Witnesses may provide testimony in court regarding their personal knowledge of how the accident happened. If multiple witnesses claim they saw the bus driver texting and driving or blowing through a red light, we might have a much stronger case.

    It is common practice for people involved in auto accidents to take photos after the crash. While these photos are often for insurance purposes, they can also be used as evidence in a lawsuit. These photos might preserve valuable details about the accident that could be lost when the authorities clean up the scene.

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