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    In Perth Amboy, slip and fall injuries range from sprains to traumatic brain injuries. If you need help recovering compensation for your injuries following an accident in Perth Amboy, contact our attorneys.

    While slip and fall injuries could happen at any place, there are a few locations where they occur most commonly in Perth Amboy. For example, businesses, residences, and construction sites see frequent accidents of this kind. After sustaining injuries in an accident in Perth Amboy, it is important for victims to file a claim quickly as the deadline to bring one of these cases in New Jersey is just two years. Once you file, our attorneys will use evidence such as security camera footage, correspondence, eyewitness testimony, and medical records to prove that a property owner’s negligence caused your injuries in Perth Amboy.

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    Common Locations for Slip and Fall Injuries in Perth Amboy

    Slip and fall incidents and injuries might occur anywhere, from a neighbor’s home to a shopping mall. That said, there are certain locations where these accidents might occur more frequently. If you recently injured another person’s property because of their negligence, know that you may be able to file an injury lawsuit in Perth Amboy.


    Commonly, slip and falls happen on commercial properties in Perth Amboy. Businesses that fail to properly monitor the safety of their premises, such as handrails, stairs, floors, etc., might ignore potential hazards that cause injuries to customers. For example, a common cause of these accidents in Perth Amboy is storeowners mopping a floor and failing to set out the proper signage to alert customers, resulting in customers slipping and injuring themselves.


    Personal residences are common sites of slip and fall incidents in Perth Amboy. Neighbors that fail to maintain their sidewalks, homeowners who do not warn visitors of dangers in their homes, and even apartment building owners that do not fix a broken floorboard might be liable for a victim’s injuries if hurt on their property. Navigating an accident claim involving a person you know can be challenging, especially if you sustained injuries at their home. If you need assistance dealing with this difficult issue, our slip and fall injury lawyers can help.

    Construction Sites

    Construction sites are notorious locations for accidents in Perth Amboy. Construction companies might leave hazards or obstacles on the sidewalk, creating dangerous obstructions for pedestrians. Fallen objects from construction sites might also lead to materials on the street, resulting in serious injuries to victims in Perth Amboy.

    Reasons to File a Slip and Fall Injury Claim Quickly in Perth Amboy

    After being injured in a slip and fall in Perth Amboy, victims should act fast and contact our attorneys as soon as possible. Waiting to file a claim might cause you to miss the cutoff to file for such cases, preventing you from recovering the compensation you are entitled to.

    In New Jersey, victims have two years following an accident to bring an injury claim. This means you have two years from when your accident occurred to build a case and sue a negligent party.

    Waiting too long to seek help from our injury lawyers might leave you with little time to sue or gather evidence to support your claim. Delaying filing might negatively impact your case, even though you have two years to sue in Perth Amboy.

    Common Evidence in Perth Amboy Slip and Fall Injury Cases

    Proving a defendant’s negligence in an injury case in Perth Amboy requires evidence. Depending on the location of your accident and its circumstances, our attorneys might rely on certain types of evidence to prove a negligent party’s fault for your injuries.

    Security Camera Footage

    Often in slip and fall injury cases, footage from security cameras is available. While this is not always the case, incidents that occur in or near common areas in an apartment building, outside neighbors’ homes, and on a business’ premises are often caught on camera. Our attorneys can use footage from nearby security cameras to prove exactly how a defendant’s breach in duty of care caused your injuries in Perth Amboy.

    Eyewitness Testimony

    There might be eyewitnesses if a victim was hurt in an accident in a well-populated place, like a busy store, restaurant, or shopping mall. Our injury lawyers can contact eyewitnesses to your accident and get their version of events. Eyewitness testimony can be invaluable evidence in an injury case, which is why victims should do their best to get eyewitnesses’ contact information following an incident.


    After slip and fall in Perth Amboy, our attorneys will likely advise victims to inform the property owners responsible. This is best done in writing so that there is physical, concrete documentation of an incident. If you receive further correspondence from a property owner acknowledging their responsibility for your injuries or their negligence, keep it. Such correspondence can be helpful evidence in a lawsuit for compensation in Perth Amboy.

    Medical Records

    Going to the hospital and seeking medical attention immediately following a fall in Perth Amboy is crucial. By doing so, victims can create evidence of their injuries that can be used to support their compensation case against a negligent party. In addition to going to the hospital immediately after an accident, victims should be sure to seek continuous care and maintain any visits with doctors and medical specialists.

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