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    One of the most dangerous things about riding a motorcycle is other drivers on the road. Even the most careful motorcycle rider is vulnerable to an accident caused by a negligent driver.

    After a motorcycle accident, you should take certain steps to get help and protect your legal interests. Call for emergency assistance, get to a hospital, talk to the police, and call an attorney as quickly as you can. Motorcycle accidents might result from many causes, and issues like speeding, driver indifference, and traffic violations are common. Evidence collection can begin at the crash scene. If you can, take photos and get contact information for witnesses who might have stopped to help. Your attorney can help you track down additional evidence if necessary. Motorcycle accidents can be severe, and a plaintiff’s damages are often rather high. Economic and non-economic damages can add up to a considerable sum of money.

    If you were hurt while riding your motorcycle, our Parlin, NJ motorcycle accident lawyers can assist you in your lawsuit. Schedule a free case review with our team at The Carrion Law Firm. Call us today at (718) 841-0083.

    What You Should Do Following a Motorcycle Accident in Parlin, NJ

    Taking the following steps immediately after a motorcycle crash can help you get treatment for your injuries and protect your legal interests in financial compensation. First, call for emergency help. In many cases, 911 dispatchers will send the police and an ambulance to the accident scene. People involved in accidents are often required to contact law enforcement and report the crash. You should also get medical attention even if you do not believe you need it. Doing so helps you establish accurate medical records we can use later in your case and get treatment for possibly unseen or internal injuries.

    Speaking to the police is often required by law, but it is also important because the police need your information to write a police report about the crash. The report might combine information provided by numerous parties involved in the accident and can be used to find evidence we can use in court.

    Finally, you should call an attorney as soon as possible, even if you are unsure whether you want to pursue legal action. Our Parlin, NJ motorcycle accident lawyers can help you explore legal options, including insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits, so you can decide what works best for your situation.

    How Motorcycle Accidents Are Often Caused in Parlin, NJ

    Even when motorcycle riders exercise an abundance of caution, a negligent driver might ruin everything and cause a bad accident. Speed is a serious issue on the road, and motorcycle crashes could be caused or made worse by a speeding driver. Speeding drivers sometimes go so fast that they do not have time to react to a motorcycle rider, and they could hit them, causing severe injuries. In such a case, the driver might be issued a speeding ticket we can use to help prove their negligence caused the collision.

    One important factor unique to motorcycle accidents is unfair indifference from other drivers. Motorcycle riders arguably have an unfair and undeserved reputation for being reckless, and many people wrongly assume that the motorcycle rider involved in a crash is at fault. Our Parlin, NJ motorcycle accident lawyers can help you defend your good name and prove the other driver is to blame for the accident.

    Traffic violations are rather common occurrences. Unfortunately, they are also a leading cause of motorcycle accidents. Violations like failing to properly signal a turn, failing to yield, or blowing through red lights or stop signs can lead to extremely dangerous motorcycle accidents.

    Evidence for Your Parlin, NJ Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

    To back up your claims against the defendant in your lawsuit, we need as much evidence as we can find. Evidence could be almost anything as long as it is relevant to your case and tend to prove the defendant’s negligence one way or the other. Our Parlin, NJ motorcycle accident lawyers can help you identify and gather evidence to prove your case and get compensation.

    Photos are important elements of accident cases. After a motorcycle crash, you should document the scene by taking lots of pictures. Law enforcement officials may clean up crash scenes shortly after you and other parties are taken away for medical treatment. Unfortunately, this means lots of valuable evidence might be lost. Your photos might preserve important details about the accident that we can use in court to support your claims.

    We can also turn to eyewitnesses for help when searching for evidence. Witnesses who saw the accident happen or have other first-hand knowledge relevant to your case can testify about what they know. Even if your case lacks physical evidence, we can help you build a strong case based on witness testimony.

    How Much Compensation Can I Get for a Parlin, NJ Motorcycle Accident?

    The potential compensation available in a motorcycle accident is based on your unique circumstances, but many cases involve high damages because the injuries involved are often severe. Economic damages should always include medical bills, as medical care can be very costly. If you have to take time off work or can no longer work, our Parlin, NJ motorcycle accident attorneys can help you calculate your lost income. We should also consider the value of your damaged motorcycle.

    Non-economic losses and damages are based on experiences rather than actual sums of money. As such, these damages are very subjective and often calculated based on how significantly they impact your daily life. Physical and emotional suffering and pain, humiliation, and other painful experiences may be claimed and compensated in your lawsuit.

    Settlements are common in civil lawsuits, although plaintiffs do not always get the same compensation as they might if they pursued a trial. Settlements are the results of negotiations, and defendants might only agree to pay for some but not all your damages. We can help you negotiate the best settlement possible so that your compensation is adequate.

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