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    Tuck accidents are not like other, more typical accidents. Truck accidents tend to be severe, and drivers often experience catastrophic or traumatic injuries.

    Truck accidents might stem from numerous possible causes, including traffic violations, driver fatigue, and equipment malfunctions or failures on the truck. Trucks are incredibly large vehicles, and even small mistakes could spell disaster. If you were injured in a truck accident and wish to file a lawsuit, you could name the trucker, the trucking company, and other drivers involved in the crash as defendants. Exactly who is liable for the accident depends on the details of your unique case. You may claim damages related to economic losses and non-economic injuries, both of which might be significant. A lawyer can help you assess and evaluate your damages, so you get the compensation you deserve, find the evidence you need to prove your claim, and argue for compensation.

    Truck accidents are known to be devastating, and plaintiffs often have debilitating injuries with lifelong complications. Our Montclair, NJ truck accident lawyers can help you file a lawsuit for damages. For a free case assessment, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.

    Possible Causes of Truck Accidents in Montclair, NJ

    A truck accident could result from several possible causes, most of which involve the negligence of other drivers. Some accident cases are more complicated and involve multiple factors coming together to cause the accident. Our Montclair, NJ truck accident lawyers can help you understand how your accident happened so we can name the appropriate defendants in a lawsuit.

    Traffic violations cause many road and highway accidents, including truck accidents. People often disregard traffic violations as minor offenses. Even a minor violation can cause a huge accident when large trucks are involved. For example, if a truck driver is speeding or fails to use a turn signal, they could cause a collision with numerous other vehicles.

    Driver fatigue is a significant problem plaguing the trucking industry. Truck drivers often must make very long trips and abide by tight deadlines. As a result, drivers often go for long periods without sleep, even though industry standards require breaks and rest periods. It is possible that your accident was caused by a tired driver who could no longer stay alert and focused.

    Another serious problem with trucks on the road is equipment failures. Since trucks are so large, drivers have difficulty operating and maneuvering them on the road. Various pieces of equipment, like underride bars, trailer hitches, and wheel chocks, are meant to keep the truck stable and safe. If these pieces of equipment malfunction, a serious accident could happen.

    Who to Name is a Truck Accident Lawsuit in Montclair, NJ

    Truck accidents are notoriously complex, and determining whom to name in a lawsuit is no exception. While most people want to sue the truck driver who caused the crash, they often overlook other parties who might have contributed to the accident. Our Montclair, NJ truck accident lawyers.

    The trucker operating the truck in your accident is often the one directly responsible for the crash. Whether they committed a traffic violation or fell asleep at the wheel, the trucker is often the primary defendant in many truck accident lawsuits. However, you can also name the trucking company that hired the trucker. Under the legal doctrine of respondeat superior, employers may be vicariously liable for their employee’s negligence. This means a trucking company may be liable for an accident caused by a trucker they hired.

    There might also be other drivers who contributed to the crash. For example, if another driver unsafely cut off the trucker, and the trucker was speeding and unable to stop safely, both drivers might be liable for the resulting accident.

    Available Damages in Montclair, NJ Truck Accident Cases

    The purpose of a lawsuit is for the plaintiff to recover damages, and truck accident cases often involve very high damages. Damages are not only considerable in truck accident cases, but they can be numerous and complex. Our Montclair, NJ truck accident lawyers can help you evaluate the damages in your case so you get the most compensation possible.

    Economic damages encompass the monetary losses you incurred because of the accident. One of the biggest expenses experienced by plaintiffs in truck accident cases is medical costs. Injuries are often severe, and plaintiffs might need extensive treatment, including surgery, physical therapy, medication, and more. If your medical care is long-term, or your injuries are permanent, our Montclair, NJ truck accident lawyers can help you calculate future medical expenses. You should also evaluate the cost of replacing your vehicle and the income you lost because you could not return to work.

    Non-economic damages are more amorphous as they are based on subjective experiences rather than concrete monetary values. For example, physical pain, emotional trauma, humiliation, and other painful experiences can be claimed as non-economic damages. The value of these damages is often based on how deeply your lie is impacted by the accident.

    How Our Montclair, NJ Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help

    Truck accidents are legally complex and often involve badly injured plaintiffs. Our Montclair, NJ truck accident attorneys can help you begin your case by assessing damages and finding evidence so we can effectively argue for compensation. If you would rather avoid a lengthy trial, we can also help you negotiate a fair settlement.

    As mentioned earlier, damages are significant and complicated. Without an attorney, plaintiffs are more likely to overlook damages or undervalue the ones they do realize. To maximize compensation, a lawyer can help you assess damages. Remember, unclaimed damages cannot be compensated even if you win your case.

    Proving your case will be nearly impossible without evidence, and finding evidence is rarely easy. In fact, many cases suffer from a serious lack of evidence, even when plaintiffs do their due diligence to find evidence. An attorney can help you obtain physical evidence, find witnesses, and even arrange for expert witnesses if necessary.

    Not every case needs to end in a climactic legal battle. In fact, most civil lawsuits end in a settlement agreement in which the defendant agrees to cover the plaintiff’s damages to a certain extent, and the plaintiff agrees to drop the case. Negotiating a good settlement is not easy, and the other party will likely try to lowball you. An attorney can help you work out a good settlement that meets your needs.

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