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    Motorcycle crashes are often more severe than typical car accidents because riders are not protected by an enclosed vehicle. After a motorcycle accident, you might have incredibly expensive damages to cover.

    How your accident occurred can help us determine the extent of your damages and who should be held liable. Many crashes happen because drivers in standard vehicles like cars or trucks fail to look out for motorcycle riders. You should file a lawsuit for your motorcycle accident to recover damages related to your injuries. Motorcycle riders tend to experience grave injuries and are sometimes left permanently injured or disabled in need of long-term or life-long care. You can recover damages for economic losses, like medical bills or the value of your destroyed bike. You can also recover non-economic losses for things like pain and suffering.

    Our Lyndhurst, NJ motorcycle accident attorneys can help you calculate your damages and file your lawsuit. For a free case review, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.

    How Motorcycle Accidents Happen in Lyndhurst, NJ

    Before getting your case started, we must discuss how your accident happened. How your crash occurred will help us determine how to handle your lawsuit and who should be held liable. Talk to our Lyndhurst, NJ motorcycle accident lawyers about your crash as soon as possible.

    Many motorcycle accidents happen because drivers in cars are distracted. Using a cell phone is a significant distraction to drivers, although the radio, GPS devices, or even passengers might be equally distracting. Drivers not paying attention to the road are more likely to cause an accident, and motorcycle riders might be severely injured.

    Many motorcycle accidents happen when drivers in cars change lanes or make turns without watching out for motorcycle riders. When a driver changes lanes or makes a turn, they have to use their turn signal so drivers behind them, including motorcycles, know to watch out. If a driver fails to signal, they might cause a motorcycle rider behind them or next to them to crash into the car as it changes lanes or turns.

    One significant problem that plagues motorcycle riders is the lack of awareness from other drivers. Motorcycles are smaller than ordinary cars, and drivers tend to disregard them when on the road. As such, drivers often do not think about motorcycles when driving, turning, changing lanes, or parking. This places a very unfair burden on motorcycle riders as they are often the only ones on the road looking out for their safety. Many crashes, possibly yours, are caused by drivers who simply could not be bothered to see the motorcycle rider.

    Why File a Lawsuit for a Lyndhurst, NJ Motorcycle Accident?

    There are numerous reasons to file a lawsuit after a motorcycle crash. After an accident, motorcycle riders often must cope with extreme or catastrophic injuries. Motorcycle accidents are incredibly dangerous, and the risk of severe injuries for riders is high. Not only do injured riders face costly medical bills for emergency room visits, but they might also have bills for surgeries, medication, physical therapy, follow-up doctor visits, and ongoing care or treatment.

    Not only are injured motorcycle riders facing steep medical bills, but the state’s no-fault insurance laws do not protect them. Ordinarily, injured drivers in car accidents can file claims with their personal injury protection (PIP) insurance which covers them no matter who is at fault. Motorcycle riders are not covered by PIP insurance and must instead file third-party claims and lawsuits to get compensation from negligent defendants.

    You should also file a lawsuit to cover the costs of repairing or replacing your damaged bike. Motorcycles are expensive pieces of equipment and cannot be replaced at the drop of a hat. Many injured riders spent months or even years saving money to buy a motorcycle before losing it in a crash caused by another driver’s negligence. Our Lyndhurst, NJ motorcycle accident attorneys can help you weigh your legal options after your accident.

    Recoverable Damages in Motorcycle Accident Cases in Lyndhurst, NJ

    When filing a lawsuit, we must describe the extent of your damages and what kind of compensation you are entitled to. Calculating damages is one of the most crucial steps in a lawsuit, as it determines how much compensation you might receive. If we miscalculate or overlook certain damages, your compensation might be reduced.

    Economic damages are related to money lost by injured motorcycle riders because of the accident. For example, medical bills, the cost to replace your bike, and the value of any lost income from being unable to work may be claimed as part of your economic damages.

    Non-economic damages are harder to determine because they are rooted in your subjective personal experiences. Your emotional and physical pain and suffering should be considered when calculating non-economic damages. Injuries are often very painful and leave physical and emotional scars that deserve financial compensation. You can also claim non-economic damages for humiliation or damage to your reputation after a motorcycle crash.

    How a Lawyer Can Assist Your Lyndhurst, NJ Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

    Filing a lawsuit is no small feat; many plaintiffs need help from an experienced lawyer. Our Lyndhurst, NJ motorcycle accident lawyers can help you gather the information you need to file your case and start fighting for the compensation you deserve.

    Our legal team can help you get started by preparing and filing your lawsuit. To file your case, we must draft and submit a formal complaint. The complaint must contain specific information about the accident, why you believe the defendant should be held liable, and the damages you want to recover. Also, if the case is filed in the wrong court, it will be rejected, and we must start over from the beginning.

    Attorneys can also help you develop the necessary legal strategies to win your case. Having evidence is only half the battle. You must know how to use the evidence in the most effective way possible. Our Lyndhurst, NJ motorcycle accident attorneys have the legal knowledge and experience to identify the best legal tactics for your situation.

    Call Our Lyndhurst, NJ Motorcycle Accident Attorneys for Help

    If you or someone you love was in a motorcycle accident, our Lyndhurst, NJ motorcycle accident lawyers can help you get compensation. Negligent drivers often cause serious motorcycle accidents and must be held accountable. For a free case review, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.