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    Construction accidents are responsible for many deaths and injuries.  Construction workers are the most likely to be injured, but construction site accidents can also affect other passers-by and drivers that have to go through construction zones.

    For help seeking compensation for your injuries after a construction accident, speak with a lawyer right away.  There are special rules that might require you to use Workers’ Compensation for many construction worker injury cases, and these rules might restrict your compensation.  Talk to a lawyer about how to maximize your damages.

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    How to Get Compensation for a Construction Site Injury in Belleville, NJ

    Injuries at a construction site are most likely work injuries, with the construction workers facing harm on the job because of the dangerous conditions that construction sites often pose.  For you to get compensation for these injuries, there might be special rules you have to follow.  Other people injured at construction sites have a more straightforward route to compensation.

    Workers’ Compensation for Injured Construction Workers

    Many injured construction workers are required to file Workers’ Compensation claims after an injury at their construction site instead of suing.  This happens because Workers’ Compensation is known as the “sole remedy” for work injuries, and Workers’ Compensation rules prevent workers from suing their employers.  While the compensation you get through one of these claims can be paid without you needing to prove fault, the damages are capped at only a percentage of your lost wages plus coverage for your medical care.  In some cases, lawsuits are allowed, potentially opening up compensation opportunities.

    Lawsuits for Injured Construction Workers

    Our Belleville construction workers focus on filing lawsuits for injured construction workers instead of filing Workers’ Compensation claims.  While Workers’ Compensation rules might prevent lawsuits against an employer, these rules often allow injured construction workers to sue other parties.

    To clarify NJ law a bit, Workers’ Compensation rules typically only prevent lawsuits against an “employer.”  Many construction workers are contractors, but certain NJ labor laws work to classify even these contractors as employees for purposes of Workers’ Compensation, continuing to block lawsuits even against “clients.”  However, other exceptions apply to employees and contractors alike.

    Lawsuits against third parties are not blocked by Workers’ Compensation rules.  This allows you to sue equipment manufacturers and other parties – such as negligent drivers that crash into your road crew – for the injuries they cause.  Lawsuits against employers are also allowed in certain cases where the injury is caused by workplace violence or where the employer fails to carry insurance as required by law.

    Talk to our Belleville construction accident lawyers about what exceptions might apply to your case.  When you file a lawsuit instead of a claim for your injuries, you could open access to full damages for lost wages and non-economic damages for things like pain and suffering – which are not paid in Workers’ Compensation claims.

    Injury Claims for Other Injured Parties

    If you were passing through a construction site or driving your car through a highway construction zone, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  In some cases, construction in public areas is carried out by contractors hired by the government, which may mean the government is ultimately responsible for your injuries.  In other cases, the construction firm or the building owner who hired them could be liable for your injuries.  These damages could be paid through an insurance claim or a lawsuit, depending on the circumstances.  Talk to our Belleville construction accident lawyers about the best way to get compensation for your case and what special deadlines might apply in cases involving the government.

    Common Causes of Construction Accidents in Belleville, NJ

    Construction accidents can happen in all sorts of ways.  While our attorneys primarily help with cases involving broken or defective equipment (which could allow a claim against a third party), there are other potential causes of injury discussed here as well:

    Structural Collapse

    When working on a building, especially when renovating older buildings, structural collapses could occur.  Injuries from a fall or from being hit by falling rubble can be quite severe and often deadly.

    Falls from Heights

    Scaffolding, ladders, and other high places pose a risk of falling.  Proper safety gear must be used, such as lines, nets, and properly constructed scaffolding.  Problems with safety gear or negligent setup of scaffolding could be the root cause of serious injuries.

    Broken and Defective Power Tools

    Proper safety practices and safety gear can often protect you from defective power tools, but you could still be seriously injured if a saw, drill, or other power tool malfunctions or jams unexpectedly.  Malfunctions can cause injuries from the tools’ tips and moving parts or from electrocution.  The manufacturers of these tools can often be held liable for these kinds of issues.

    Broken and Defective Safety Gear

    Goggles, safety glasses, hard hats, gloves, respirators, and boots are meant to keep construction workers safe.  If these products are defective or broken, they might not protect you, leaving you vulnerable to injury.  These injuries could be the safety gear manufacturer’s fault.

    Auto Accidents

    Construction workers and contractors often have to drive to and from job sites and drive trucks and other vehicles as part of their jobs.  Many roadside crews also work alongside highways and other busy streets.  Any of these workers are at risk of injury from being hit by another driver on the road, which could allow them to sue that driver for injuries.

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