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    Bus accidents are typically more severe than ordinary car accidents, and drivers, passengers, and others often experience devastating injuries.

    Many bus accidents are the result of negligence. Distracted bus drivers, speeding, unsafe turns, and incompetent drivers are just a few common causes of bus accidents. Liability for these accidents often falls on the bus driver, as their behavior is usually the direct cause of the crash. Other liable parties might include the bus company that hired the driver or even the city in charge of the public transportation system. Damages in bus accidents tend to be high, with economic and non-economic injuries taking a serious toll on accident victims.

    In New York City, thousands upon thousands of people ride the bus daily, and private charter buses regularly transport tourists in and out of the city. Our Jamaica Queens bus accident lawyers can help you sue those responsible for your accident and get compensation. For a free review of your case, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.

    How a Bus Accident Might Occur in Jamaica Queens

    There might be numerous possible reasons for a bus accident, many of which are directly related to driver negligence. One very common problem that vexes drivers nowadays is distractions behind the wheel. Cell phones, tablets, GPS, and other communication devices are so common that many people have them in their vehicles. If the bus driver was distracted by a phone or even a passenger, they could easily cause a serious crash.

    Buses are extremely big and heavy vehicles that cannot stop on a dime. If the bus driver is speeding and suddenly needs to stop, perhaps to avoid hitting something in the road, they might be unable to stop safely. Turning is also risky because buses have large blind spots. If drivers do not check their blind spots and use turn signals when turning or merging, they might hit an unsuspecting driver next to them.

    In many cases, bus accidents are the result of incompetent drivers behind the wheel. Maybe the driver was new to the job and should have been given more training. Maybe the training they were given was inadequate. In either scenario, the bus driver, and possibly the bus company, would be liable for the crash. Our Jamaica Queens bus accident attorneys can help you sue for damages after a bus accident.

    Liability for Jamaica Queens Bus Accidents

    When our Jamaica Queens bus accident attorneys file your lawsuit, one of the most important details is the defendant’s identity. The defendant is the person or people we believe should be held liable for the accident, and figuring out who this person is can be difficult.

    The Bus Driver

    The bus driver is often the primary defendant in bus accident lawsuits because their behavior is usually the proximate cause of the accident. Even if no other parties are liable, we can still usually sue the bus driver. It is important to figure out how the accident occurred so we know if only the bus driver should be held liable or if other parties might share liability. If the driver was issued any citations by law enforcement for the crash, our Jamaica Queens bus accident attorneys can use these citations as evidence in your lawsuit.

    The Bus Company

    Under the legal doctrine known as respondeat superior, employers can be held vicariously liable for an employee’s negligence committed in furtherance of the employee’s job duties. If the bus driver’s negligence occurred outside the scope of their employment, the bus company might not be vicariously liable.

    Alternatively, the bus company might be liable for negligent hiring if the bus driver was incompetent or dangerous behind the wheel, and the bus company should have known better than to hire them. For example, suppose the bus driver was drunk when the accident happened, and the bus company knew the driver had a history of alcoholism and DWIs when they hired the driver. In that case, the bus company might be liable for negligent hiring.

    The Government

    New York is famous for its vast public transportation network, and buses run throughout the city daily. The city, or another municipality in charge of public transportation, can be held liable, but we have to act quickly. According to G.M.U. Law § 50-e(1)(a), we have to submit a notice of your claim to the appropriate government offices within 90 days of the accident in order to sue a municipality.

    Potential Damages in Bus Accident Lawsuits in Jamaica Queens

    Injuries in bus accidents are often severe, and damages tend to be substantial. In your lawsuit, our Jamaica Queens bus accident lawyers can help you review all your injuries and losses to determine the extent of your damages. We must review all your losses so we do not miss out on valuable compensation.

    Economic damages are associated with money. If you lost or spent money because of the accident or your injuries, that money should be factored into your economic damages calculations. For example, medical bills in bus crash cases are often very costly, and these expenses should be added to your overall damages. If you were hit by a bus while driving your car, the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle can also be added to your damages. Even the income you lose because you cannot return to work while you recover should be considered when calculating economic losses.

    Non-economic damages are a bit more challenging to describe in a lawsuit because they are often unrelated to money. Instead, non-economic damages consist of negative or painful experiences and are very subjective. Emotional suffering, physical pain, humiliation, and more might be claimed as part of your non-economic damages. Since there is no exact price tag, the value of these damages largely depends on how they impact your life on a daily basis.

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    If you were injured in a bus collision, whether you were a passenger or another driver on the road, you can file a lawsuit against those responsible. Our Jamaica Queens bus accident lawyers are here to help you get your case started. Call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free case evaluation.