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    Motorcycles are a popular transportation method as well as a hobby for many people in the United States. Many motorcycle riders gravitate towards those vehicles because of the visceral, thrilling driving experience they provide. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents do happen, and the benefit of a more visceral, exposed driving experience suddenly becomes a hazard. Because motorcycle riders are more exposed than drivers of ordinary vehicles, motorcycle accidents can often result in serious injuries.

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    Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents in Huntington, NY

    Injuries motorcycle riders receive in accidents can be very serious because the rider is much more exposed than in an ordinary motor vehicle. Even though many motorcyclists wear extensive safety gear and are safe, responsible drivers, severe injuries are still very likely if a car hits a motorcycle at high speed or if environmental factors cause the motorcycle to wipe out.

    Head and Neck Injuries

    Some of the most common injuries to riders in motorcycle accidents are head and neck injuries. These injuries can happen even when a motorcycle rider is wearing an appropriate, safe, certified helmet. Even the best motorcycle helmets will only protect against impact forces up to a certain point, and many motor vehicle accidents involve motorcycles. Involve forces that exceed what any helmet can guard against.

    One of the most serious head injuries a rider can suffer in an accident is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A TBI is caused by very strong hits to the head, which either pierce the skull or otherwise damage the brain. All traumatic brain injuries can have very serious side effects. Even a mild TBI, more commonly known as a concussion, can result in short-term memory loss, sensitivity to bright lights and loud noises, nausea, and mood swings. There is the potential that some of these side effects of concussions can be permanent. Moreover, repeated concussions tend to have exponentially worse effects. If you lead an active lifestyle and have had concussions in the past, a TBI from a motorcycle accident can be much worse than it otherwise would have been.

    More immediately serious traumatic brain injuries can have worse side effects, some of which are permanent. You could lose the use of certain body parts, need to re-learn basic tasks like walking or speaking, or lose the ability to do those things entirely.

    One of the most common neck injuries in motorcycle accidents is damage to the vertebrae that house the spinal cord. These bones could be crushed together and result in serious injuries. You could be partially or fully paralyzed, lose an inch or so of height, or have chronic pain in certain areas of the body controlled by the affected nerves. Additionally, the forces involved in a motorcycle accident could easily lead to a broken neck, requiring a neck brace to recover and likely some form of surgery.

    Burns and Bruises

    Burns from motorcycle accidents include more than just injuries from flames. Skidding across the ground at high speed can cause friction burns. Particularly severe burns may require skin grafts or injections to heal fully.

    Bruises are also common in any accident involving high-speed impacts. A bruise is caused by crushed blood vessels underneath the skin. The pooling blood causes discoloration and painful soreness. Many bruises are mild and will heal on their own. However, extensive bruising over large portions of the body is possible in motorcycle accidents, and it could indicate a much more serious condition like internal bleeding or organ damage.

    Traumatic Amputation

    A traumatic amputation is when someone loses a limb in a non-medical setting. In a motorcycle accident, amputations usually occur when an arm or leg gets caught in a sharp object like warped metal or window glass at high speed. Traumatic amputation can also result from one of your limbs getting crushed under either your own motorcycle or another vehicle involved in the accident.

    Damages in Huntington, NY Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

    If you are successful in court, you will be awarded damages to compensate you for your injuries. Often, when plaintiffs are injured, they cannot be put back in the exact position they were before an accident, be that physically or financially. Damages are designed to get plaintiffs as close to their starting point as possible. Below are some of the things you could get financial compensation for in a motorcycle accident lawsuit.

    Medical Expenses

    Medical expenses frequently make up a sizable portion of damages a plaintiff is awarded in a motorcycle accident lawsuit. Hospital bills can easily balloon into hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the treatments required to stabilize a plaintiff after a serious motorcycle accident. Moreover, long-term care can become incredibly expensive, especially if a plaintiff’s injuries are permanent.

    Lost Wages and Earnings

    The effects of getting injured can make it so you cannot work for a long period of time. You might not have income during that period when you are focusing on recovering from your injuries. The court can compensate you for the income you would have earned were you not injured.

    Pain and Suffering

    You can also recover damages from the pain and distress caused by your injuries, even though there is no real-world monetary value for these things. The court understands that the experience of a motorcycle accident is more than just medical bills or lost earnings, so you can successfully argue that the pain of your injuries should be considered when calculating your damages.

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