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    Bus accidents are known to be devastating, and drivers and passengers often need extensive medical care for their injuries. The person responsible for the accident should be brought to justice in a civil lawsuit on behalf of those they injured.

    Distracted driving and speeding are common factors in bus crashes. Turning or merging with such a large vehicle is also tricky, and dangerous turns might lead to a crash. In your lawsuit, you might name the bus driver, other drivers on the road, and the bus company that hired the bus driver. If the bus was part of public transit, you might sue the city or town in charge of the public transit system. An attorney can help you gather evidence to prove your claims, including security camera footage, witness testimony, medical records, and photos from the scene.

    You might have been injured in a bus accident as a passenger or another driver on the road. In either case, our Flushing bus accident lawyers can help you file a lawsuit for damages. Call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free case assessment.

    Common Causes of Flushing Bus Accidents

    Roads and highways are fraught with danger, and all drivers must always be on their guard to avoid an accident. Even though drivers, including bus drivers, must remain focused behind the wheel, numerous possible distractions could lead to a crash. A crash might occur if the bus driver is looking at their cell phone, speaking to passengers, or otherwise distracted from the road. Distracted driving is becoming increasingly problematic and is one of the leading causes of accidents.

    A high rate of speed is a common factor in many accidents, including bus accidents. Speed is particularly dangerous for buses because buses are so large and heavy, and drivers might be unable to stop in time if another driver cuts them off. Speeding is not just dangerous; it is often a traffic violation. If the bus driver were issued a citation by law enforcement, our Flushing bus accident attorneys can use it to help prove they are at fault for the crash.

    It is often difficult for bus drivers to turn and merge the bus in traffic safely. Since buses are so long, there are huge blind spots, and it is easy for other cars to go unnoticed by bus drivers when they turn or merge into another lane of traffic. Bus drivers must be extra careful and use signals when turning or merging, and failing to do so might lead to a bad accident.

    Who to Name in a Lawsuit for a Flushing Bus Accident

    One of the most important parts of a lawsuit is naming the right defendants. In some cases, only one person is responsible for causing the crash, so naming the right defendant is somewhat easier. In many other cases, multiple people share liability and naming all of them might be difficult, especially if certain parties left the scene or did not provide their information. Our Flushing bus accident attorneys can help you make sure the right defendants are named in your lawsuit, so you get the compensation you deserve.

    In most cases, the bus driver is the primary defendant because their actions or failure to act is often the direct cause of the collision. For example, if the bus driver were texting while driving, failed to signal a turn, or was driving at a high rate of speed, they would be directly responsible for causing the crash.

    The bus company that hired the bus driver might also be held responsible under the legal doctrine of respondeat superior. Under this rule, an employer can be held vicariously liable for an employee’s negligence if that negligence occurred in furtherance of the employee’s job. It is important to consider naming the bus company as a defendant because they are usually more capable of covering high damages.

    If the bus involved in the accident was part of public transportation, you might be able to sue the city, town, or municipality in charge of the public transit system. This is often tricky and requires jumping through a few extra hurdles. According to G.M.U. Law § 50-e(a), if you want to sue a municipality, you have to file a notice of your claim with the appropriate government agency no later than 90 days after the accident.

    Getting Evidence for Your Flushing Bus Accident Lawsuit

    Lawsuits live and die by evidence. Without evidence, you will unlikely get the compensation you deserve and need. In fact, a court might reject your case if there is not enough evidence to warrant a lawsuit. Our Flushing bus accident attorneys have experience with evidence and can help you collect the evidence you need for your case.

    In many bus accident cases, security cameras record the accident as it happens. Many buses are equipped with security cameras that might show the bus driver behaving negligently before the accident. In other cases, we can check with businesses and homes near the accident scene for security camera footage.

    Bus accidents tend to involve a lot of people. Multiple other cars might have been damaged in a bus accident, and the bus might have been full of passengers. Plaintiffs usually do not have to look for witnesses. Witnesses can testify about first-hand knowledge they have regarding the accident. Getting witnesses from inside and outside the bus is often a good idea to give the jury a more complete picture of the accident.

    People often experience serious injuries in bus accidents, and medical records might be necessary to prove just how badly you were injured. We can also have medical professionals provide expert testimony about your medical records and injuries if necessary.

    Call Our Flushing Bus Accident Lawyer

    Bus accidents are often catastrophic, and drivers, passengers, and others might be left with painful injuries. Many injured victims never fully recover and need lifelong care. Call our Flushing bus accident attorneys for a free review of your case. Call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for help.