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Many car accident victims in Florida think that their best chance at compensation is filing a car insurance claim. In some cases, that might be true, but if you faced injuries and needed to take time off work to deal with them, your insurance coverage might not be enough to properly compensate you.

The Florida car accident lawyers at The Carrion Law Firm represent injured drivers and passengers. Our lawyers take the fight to the insurance companies and the courts to get our clients the compensation they need for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. For help with your case, call our lawyers today at (954) 951-4828 to set up a free legal consultation.

Suing for Car Accidents Under Florida’s No-Fault Laws

Florida is a no-fault state for car accidents. This means that every insurance policy is a “no-fault” policy designed to cover the driver who pays for the premiums. That means that after a crash, your own insurance policy will cover your vehicle damage and injuries. If the victim needs additional coverage, then the at-fault driver’s insurance should cover things, depending on policy limits. No-fault insurance also limits your ability to sue. However, in cases where injuries are severe or permanent or where they cost far too much, a lawsuit may be the best way to get all the compensation needed.

Florida law allows car accident victims to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver in any case worth at least $10,000 in medical care and lost wages. Any case with injuries that are considered permanent or meet other specific statutory standards can also be escalated to a lawsuit.

When you sue for injuries instead of filing a car insurance claim, you may also open the ability to claim higher damages and more areas of damages. Most car insurance policies in Florida limit drivers to claiming only a portion of their damages. First, drivers have to pay a deductible on their claims, which means paying something out of pocket even if you were not at fault. Second, insurance policies may limit drivers to only a percentage of their full damages, and they typically close access to pain and suffering damages. This means that by going through your insurance company, you automatically leave damages on the table.

When you file a lawsuit, you can include all expenses related to the crash in the lawsuit, and even many of your legal fees can be paid through the damages you receive. The at-fault driver’s insurance company will typically step in and pay for their lawyer and their damages, so it is important to have an experienced Florida car accident lawyer on your side as well. The Carrion Law Firm can provide you with the representation you need to fight for the damages you deserve.

Common Car Accident Injuries in Florida

Drivers and passengers can be seriously injured in car crashes despite modern safety features. Cyclists, pedestrians, and others outside a car could also face serious injuries if they were hit by a car. Our Florida car accident attorneys see many different types of car accident cases, and the following are some of the most common serious injuries that we help our clients get compensation for:

Back, Neck, and Spine Injuries/Paralysis

In a car crash, it is possible that you could face injuries to the back or neck and the spinal cord that runs through them. Injuries to the bones, muscles, and soft tissue in the neck and back may cause ongoing pain, especially if there were breaks, serious misalignments, or herniated disc injuries. These could require surgery to repair and a long recovery period. Chronic back and neck injuries are often caused by acute accidents like car crashes and could leave victims suffering for years to come.

More serious injuries to the spinal cord itself could cause paralysis. Your body, from the point of injury down, could face total paralysis, loss of motor control, numbness, and even pain. This could mean needing home nursing care, taking time off work, and needing help just to perform daily tasks. Talk to a lawyer about claiming damages for life-altering car accident injuries.

Head Injuries

Like spinal cord injuries, head injuries can be life-altering. Although airbags, headrests, and other safety features in your car are designed to prevent head injuries, many car accident victims receive injuries from traumatic blows to the head or from shrapnel and debris penetrating the skull. These injuries can affect motor function, memory, and your abilities, potentially permanently. Talk to an attorney about the damages you may be able to claim for a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or a serious concussion in a Florida car crash.

Loss of Limb

Cars are designed with crumple zones to absorb impact and avoid any compression or crushing of the passenger compartment. However, many crashes still involve immense force directed at the driver and passenger areas, potentially pinning victims into the car. Sometimes traumatic amputations occur, or surgical amputations are necessary at the hospital to save the victim’s life. Loss of limb can cause immense effects on the rest of your life and could entitle you to substantial compensation for these challenges and for the emotional toll of the injury. The same is true for disfiguring burn injuries or scarring.

Other Injuries

Other common injuries involve cuts, scrapes, and breaks that could vary in degree and number. No injuries are too small or not serious enough to talk to a lawyer about after a car crash. Any time you seek medical attention after a car accident, you could be entitled to compensation for the injuries you faced.

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