Average Settlements for Work-Related Hand and Wrist Injuries in NYC

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    Injuries at work are fairly common. A hand or wrist injury might not only be painful, but you might be unable to continue working. An attorney can help you get the best settlement possible.

    The best way to get compensation for your injuries may vary from case to case, but insurance claims and even lawsuits are common options. Remember, settlements are often the result of negotiations, and we might have to go back and forth with the insurance company or opposing party before we land on an acceptable agreement. We must consider the various factors that might increase or decrease the value of your potential settlement. While we play up the factors that might increase your settlement, the opposing party will likely play up the factors that decrease it. We need evidence of the defendant’s negligence or wrongdoing to support your claims and maximize your settlement. The stronger our evidence, the better your odds of success.

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    Getting Compensation for Work-Related Hand and Wrist Injuries in NYC

    If you hurt your hand or wrist at work, you might be unable to continue working, hit with big hospital bills, and your income is diminished. Our NYC personal injury lawyers can help you determine if you can file an insurance claim for your injuries or we can sue the person or parties responsible for causing the accident.

    One route worth exploring is filing an insurance claim. You might have your own insurance policy that covers you in the event a work injury prevents you from returning to work. Alternatively, you might file a claim against your employer’s insurance.

    If insurance is unavailable, we can help you file a personal injury lawsuit. Injured victims are sometimes hesitant to initiate a lawsuit because they are worried about engaging in a protracted legal battle. The good news is that many, if not most, civil lawsuits end with settlement agreements, so you might not ever need to go to court. How much your settlement is worth depends on the unique factors surrounding your case and the evidence we have supporting your claims.

    It is crucial that you get evaluated by a doctor immediately. Accurate medical records about your injuries are key to getting the largest settlement possible. If you wait to see a doctor, your injuries might be partially healed by the time you are evaluated, and it might be harder to prove the true extent of your injuries. Talk to an attorney about what your settlement might be worth.

    Factors That Go Into a Settlement for Work-Related Wrist and Hand Injuries in NYC

    One of the biggest reasons it is so difficult to determine an average settlement for hand and wrist injuries in the workplace is that no two cases are exactly alike. Some cases net very large settlements, while others are more modest. An attorney can review your case with you to determine which factors might increase or decrease a potential settlement.

    Factors That Increase Your Settlement

    We need to highlight the severity of your injuries and how much the accident has impacted your life. First, we should talk to your doctor about the severity of your injuries. Were your hands permanently injured or amputated? Even if you are expected to fully recover, were the injuries extremely painful? These kinds of details might help you negotiate for a larger settlement.

    If your injuries are expected to come with long-term complications, we can and should argue for a greater settlement. As mentioned before, you might have lost a hand in a workplace accident. Alternatively, you might have lost one or more fingers or suffered nerve damage, so your hand is not as strong, or movement in your hand is limited.

    When hand and wrist injuries have permanent or long-term consequences, injured victims often lose work. Whether you are typing on a computer or working in a factory, you need your hands to be fully functional. Losing the ability to function in one or both hands could cost you a lot of money over time. The income you lose should be factored into a settlement.

    Factors That Decrease Your Settlement

    We must be ready to address certain factors that might diminish your potential settlement. Knowing these factors and how they play into your case will help us negotiate more effectively.

    First, talk to your lawyer about fault for the accident. A common strategy among defendants is to shift blame to the injured plaintiff. They might argue that the plaintiff caused the accident that injured them or somehow worsened their injury shortly after the accident. We need to be ready to disprove this or show how you are not nearly as much at fault as the defendant.

    If your injuries are minor, and you are expected to fully recover quickly, your settlement will likely be smaller. While the settlement might cover medical expenses, you are probably missing less work and not losing as much income. On top of that, less serious injuries usually involve fewer damages for pain and suffering.

    Another possibility is that a lack of evidence hinders our negotiation efforts. Evidence can be tricky and is often hard to come by. Witnesses might relocate and physical evidence might disappear over time.

    Evidence to Help You Get a Good Settlement for Work-Related Hand and Wrist Injuries

    We need to gather evidence to begin working toward a good settlement. If you have not yet done so, get to a doctor and have your injuries evaluated. Continue to see your doctor for regular check-ups and monitor your injuries’ progress. Your medical records might be extremely important to your case.

    We should also talk to witnesses from work who saw the accident. If your accident occurred in front of other coworkers, they might be able to explain what happened in court. Even if they did not see the accident happen, they might have first-hand knowledge about the unsafe working conditions that caused it. The more witnesses who can back you up, the more leverage we have to negotiate a settlement.

    We should also demand to see security camera footage of the accident. Many workplaces are monitored by cameras, and your accident might have been recorded on video. Such footage can make or break an injury claim.

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