Can Your Personal Injury Attorney Refer You to a Doctor in NY?

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    People injured in accidents or because of another person’s negligence sometimes have a hard time finding a doctor to help them. Luckily, your personal injury attorney can help refer you to a qualified physician.

    Getting medical treatment for a personal injury is important for several reasons. Your attorney should be familiar with experienced doctors who can help you. In some cases, these doctors have experience with patients pursuing legal action for their damages, so they know how to identify and record evidence of injuries. While your attorney might have one or several doctors they can refer you to, you are still free to see a doctor of your own selection. Although your primary care physician might feel more comfortable, you should also consider the doctors your Brooklyn lawyer suggests, as they might be able to help in ways your normal physician cannot.

    Personal injuries can be painful, devastating, and expensive. Our NY personal injury lawyers can refer you to doctors who know how to help. For a free evaluation of your case, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.

    How Your Personal Injury Attorney Can Help Refer You to a Doctor in NY

    After an accident, people are sometimes rushed to emergency rooms for immediate medical care. In many cases, injured victims never see other doctors besides the ER physicians that initially treated them and maybe their primary care physician. While this might be good for their physical health, it might not be helpful for their personal injury case. Their attorney can refer them to a doctor who can evaluate their condition to assess damages and collect medical evidence.

    In some cases, attorneys see things that their clients do not. Where you see a broken leg, your attorney might see a broken leg, medical bills, time lost at work, lost wages, and other damages. Your attorney’s job is to help you claim these damages in court or an insurance claim, but they cannot do it without evidence. Your attorney might refer you to a doctor they are familiar with, so they can trust their evidence and medical records. Our Queens personal injury attorneys can refer you to an experienced and qualified doctor to evaluate your injuries.

    Why Do NY Personal Injury Lawyers Want You to See Their Doctors?

    Personal injury attorneys often refer their clients to doctors for two important reasons. First, the client must get medical treatment if they have not done so already. Second, attorneys like to have evidence and medical records from doctors they trust and are familiar with. Our NY personal injury attorneys can refer you to a doctor to help evaluate your injuries for a lawsuit or insurance claim.

    Perhaps the most important reason an attorney will refer you to one of their doctors is for your overall health and wellbeing. In some cases, injured clients seek legal assistance before they see a doctor. This is sometimes because the client knows they want to pursue legal action but are afraid of seeing the wrong doctor, losing evidence, or making other mistakes.

    Attorneys also refer their clients to see their doctors because they know their doctors are qualified to give excellent care and know how to navigate the legalities of the case. Doctors are not legal professionals, but they are often involved in things like personal injury lawsuits because they are the ones who treat plaintiffs. Attorneys prefer to see doctors they know because they are familiar with their qualifications.

    While you might like and trust your primary care physician, your attorney has no idea about your doctor’s experience, credentials, or how they handle being on the witness stand if called to testify. Our Bronx personal injury attorneys can certainly use medical records from when your primary care doctor treated you, but it is beneficial to see a doctor we refer you to as well.

    Why Doctors Are Important in NY Personal Injury Cases

    Doctors are important in personal injury cases because they not only help establish the severity and extent of your injuries or medical condition but can also testify as experts in a trial. Expert testimony is highly regarded in the courtroom, and experts are often allowed to testify in ways that ordinary lay witnesses cannot. Our Brooklyn personal injury attorneys can refer you to doctors with experience working as expert witnesses and can assist you in the hospital and the courtroom.

    After a doctor referred by your attorney treats you, your lawyer can call on that doctor to act as an expert witness in your trial. Lay witnesses (ordinary people) are only allowed to testify about their first-hand knowledge of the accident or incident and not much more. However, expert witnesses may testify about their first-hand knowledge of your injuries and their own opinion about how those injuries occurred. In a case involving severe injuries, a medical expert’s testimony might make or break the case.

    Can I Select My Own Doctor in a Personal Injury Case in NY?

    People are sometimes uncomfortable seeing a physician other than their primary care doctor. After surviving a traumatic accident, it can be comforting to be treated by someone you are familiar with. Even though our Albany personal injury attorneys might recommend you to another doctor, you are free to see a doctor of your choosing.

    In a lot of personal injury cases, plaintiffs have already seen their primary care physician and other doctors before they ever speak with an attorney. In that case, your lawyer might review your medical records and speak to the doctors who treated you to determine if you should see another doctor referred by your lawyer. The worst-case scenario is probably that you might have to be re-evaluated by a doctor your lawyer knows. This is not because you received substandard treatment from the other doctors but because your attorney wants a doctor on your case who can hold their own in the courtroom.

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    If you were hurt in an accident or because someone intended to cause you harm, our Staten Island personal injury attorneys can refer you to doctors for treatment who can also testify in your case. For a free case evaluation, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.