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    There are few injuries as devastating as an eye injury, especially one that causes vision loss. Regardless of how your eye injuries occurred, you deserve to be compensated.

    Eye injuries can occur in a number of ways. While some eye injuries and vision loss might be the result of negligence, eye injuries can also be caused intentionally. Not every eye injury leads to vision loss, but it easily can if not properly treated. After getting medical care, our eye injury and vision loss attorneys can help you hold the liable parties accountable.

    If another person injured your eye or caused vision loss, our eye injury and vision loss attorneys can help you get justice for the damages you have suffered. For a free case assessment, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.

    Common Causes of Eye Injuries and Vision Loss in New York City

    Eye injuries that cause vision loss are often terrible and can be caused in several ways in New York City. Many serious eye injuries are caused by foreign objects penetrating the surface. Others are the result of blunt-force trauma to the eye, either in an accident or intentionally. The following are some of the most common causes of eye injuries and vision loss in New York City:

    • Fistfights
    • Domestic abuse
    • Vehicle accidents
    • Defective products
    • Chemical spills
    • Falling debris
    • Nursing home abuse
    • Workplace accidents
    • Airbag deployments
    • Exposure to acidic, alkali, or caustic products

    Devastating eye injuries are more common than one would hope. Few things are more precious to us than our vision, so suffering a severe eye injury can be life-altering. A victim might need treatment for a considerable amount of time which requires substantial compensation. Our eye injury and vision loss attorneys can help you recover damages from the party responsible for your injuries.

    Types of Eye Injuries that Can Cause Vision Loss in New York City

    Eye injuries can range in severity, with some being relatively minor that victims can recover quickly, and others being extremely serious. In the worst cases, victims could suffer permanent vision loss or loss of the eye itself. Regardless of the severity of your injuries, our eye injury and vision loss attorneys can help you determine the best ways to recover compensation in your case.

    Corneal Abrasions

    When the cornea of someone’s eye is scratched, cut, or scraped, it can cause corneal abrasions that could lead to serious injuries if not treated properly. These injuries are commonly caused by poking incidents, such as those from a fingernail, tree branches, or metal objects. Many victims can also scratch their eyes from wearing defective contact lenses. In many cases, victims with corneal abrasions can make a full recovery with the right medical care.

    Traumatic Iritis

    Traumatic iritis is an injury to the eye’s iris. These injuries typically occur when someone receives a severe blow to the eye. While Traumatic iritis is commonly caused by punches in a fistfight, it can also be caused by unintentional conduct. For instance, someone could injure their iris during a baseball or basketball game or from airbags being deployed in a car accident.

    Subconjunctival Bleeding

    Subconjunctival bleeding is a type of eye injury that occurs when blood collects on the surface of the white area of a victim’s eye. These types of injuries are usually the result of physical trauma to the eye, like in a car accident or fight. However, subconjunctival bleeding can happen without cause or warning. If not treated, this type of bleeding can lead to vision loss that might not be repairable.

    Eye Socket Fractures

    Severe blunt-force trauma to the eye area can easily cause the eye socket to fracture. Eye socket fractures can be extremely dangerous to the eye as a loose bone could further injure the eye. Victims should seek medical care immediately if they believe they have suffered a fractured eye socket.

    Punctures and Lacerations

    Punctures and lacerations are some of the most devasting eye injuries that often cause vision loss. These injuries occur when the eye is punctured or cut by debris, like metal and glass. Punctures and laceration eye injuries are not uncommon in serious car accidents, where debris is flying around at high speeds.

    Chemical Burns and Exposure

    Lastly, eye injuries and vision loss can occur from chemical burns or exposure to harmful chemicals long enough to cause injuries. Injuries of this type are more likely to occur in a workplace that uses dangerous chemicals. For instance, many victims lose their vision when acidic or alkaline chemicals injure their eyes. However, vision loss can also occur from general exposure if certain amounts of chemicals are in the air. Our eye injury and vision loss attorneys can help you determine the best ways to recover the compensation you need to treat your injuries.

    Parties that Can Be Held Liable for an Eye Injury and Vision Loss in New York City

    Determining who is liable for your eye injuries will depend on the situation. In most eye injury cases, it should not be too difficult. For instance, if you were injured in a car accident or on another person’s property, the driver or owner will be responsible for your damages. If your eye injuries were caused by a defective product or one that did not have warning labels, the product’s designer or manufacturer could be held liable. In other cases, your eye injuries might have been caused by an employer or coworker, who can be held accountable for their negligence. Eye injuries can also be caused by negligent doctors performing eye surgeries and should be sued for their malpractice.

    While many eye injuries result from negligent behavior, some are caused intentionally by another person. Suppose you were the victim of a physical assault or handled violently by an establishment’s security. In that case, you could file a civil lawsuit in addition to any criminal charges filed against your assailant. Our eye injury and vision loss attorneys can help you determine who is responsible for your injuries and prepare your lawsuit against them.

    Our New York City Eye Injury and Vision Loss Attorneys Can Help

    If you have suffered an eye injury and vision loss in New York City, our eye injury and vision loss attorneys can help you develop the right legal strategies for your case. Contact The Carrion Law Firm today at (718) 841-0083 for a free case review.