New Rochelle Construction Accident and Injury Lawyer

There are a multitude of different accidents that can occur on construction sites. These accidents can produce devastating injuries that inhibit victims’ abilities to work and enjoy their daily lives. Accordingly, injured construction workers may pursue financial compensation for their injuries.

Under certain circumstances, victims may file construction accident lawsuits against the parties who caused their injuries. However, other injured workers must seek damages through Workers’ Compensation claims. A construction accident lawyer can evaluate your case and explain the proper course of action after suffering an injury on a construction site.

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When You Can File a Construction Accident Lawsuit in New Rochelle

Plaintiffs who file construction accident lawsuits will have access to certain monetary damages that are not available to those filing Workers’ Compensation claims. Your ability to file a construction accident lawsuit can depend on the cause of your injury and the extent of injuries you suffered. Our New Rochelle construction accident and injury lawyers can help assess the strength of your claim against any of the following parties:

After Employer Negligence

If you were injured because of your employer’s careless conduct, you may have to seek benefits through Workers’ Compensation. However, according to L.A.B. Law § 200, § 240(1), and § 241(6), injured workers may step outside of Workers’ Compensation to bring a lawsuit against their employer if their employer acted negligently and one of the following occurred:

  • The accident happened because of a fall from a ladder, scaffold, or other height
  • The victim fell through an opening that was not properly secured
  • The victim was hit by a falling object
  • A violation of New York’s industrial regulations occurred
  • The accident happened because of a third party’s careless conduct

Our attorneys can help determine if you have a valid claim against your employer after a construction accident. If so, our team will explain the appropriate steps toward compensation.

After a Defective Product Injury

Manufacturers can also be held accountable for construction accidents caused by their defective and dangerous products. A product can be considered defective through its design, manufacturing, or marketing. However, proving a claim based on a defective product can be an elaborate process. Extensive amounts of complex evidence are regularly required to demonstrate how and why products are defective. Therefore, the guidance of our experienced New Rochelle construction accident and injury lawyers can be very helpful when seeking to bring a lawsuit against a defective product’s manufacturer.

After Being Injured by a Third Party

Additionally, third parties can also be held responsible for construction accidents they cause. Construction sites are areas where multiple contractors often work simultaneously on separate tasks. If one contractor acts negligently, other workers on site can suffer severe injuries. For example, if a worker leaves their supplies scattered across the floor of a workspace, another contractor may suffer a harmful slip and fall accident. If you were injured because of third-party negligence on a construction site, you may be able to file a construction accident lawsuit.

Types of Damages Available to Plaintiffs in New Rochelle Construction Accident Lawsuits

The types of damages awarded in your lawsuit will likely depend on the extent of harm caused by the construction accident at issue. Our experienced New Rochelle construction accident and injury lawyers can help determine which of the following categories of monetary damages will be awarded in your case:

Lost Wages

Many construction accident victims are unable to work while they recover from their injuries. It follows that injured workers may recover any lost wages related to their injuries through construction accident lawsuits. Lost wages are usually calculated using your average weekly income.

Additionally, some victims who sustained grave injuries will be permanently unable to perform the same tasks they could before their construction accidents. In such cases, our New Rochelle construction accident and injury lawyers can help injured workers obtain compensation for their lost earning capacity in the future.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are another type of damages available to plaintiffs in New Rochelle construction accident cases. These damages will typically be established through medical records and bills. Accordingly, it is important to seek prompt medical attention after an accident, so that a doctor can properly document your injuries.

Pain and Suffering

Plaintiffs in construction accident lawsuits in New Rochelle may also recover monetary damages for their physical pain and emotional hardship. These types of damages are referred to as non-economic damages and can be difficult to quantify. Courts will usually look to the effects an injury has had on quality of life when assessing a claim for such damages. Our experienced New Rochelle construction accident and injury lawyers can help gather the evidence required to recover damages for pain and suffering in your case.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Damages for out-of-pocket expenses are another category of damages that can be sought in construction accident lawsuits. There are several types of out-of-pocket expenses an injured construction worker may incur. For example, a victim may suffer out-of-pocket expenses for the cost of travelling to and from court proceedings and medical appointments.

Financial documents such as receipts are typically used to calculate damages for out-of-pocket expenses. Therefore, you should keep and preserve receipts for all costs you incur because of your construction accident injuries.

Property Damage

Lastly, in some cases, victims may sustain property damage because of their construction accidents. For example, a worker’s personal tools may be irreparably damaged because of a fall. In such cases, our New Rochelle construction accident and injury lawyers can help victims recover compensation for the property damage they incurred.

If You Suffered a Construction Accident in New Rochelle, Our Lawyers Can Help

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