How Much is a Brain Injury Settlement Worth in New York?

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    While brain injuries can be incredibly damaging in New York, they can also result in a substantial settlement. Victims should learn how to estimate damages in a New York brain injury lawsuit to understand how much their settlement may be worth.

    It’s important for New Yorkers to learn how much their brain injury settlement may be worth. Victims can do this by anticipating how a defendant may contest fault and evaluating the number of at-fault parties. Getting consistent medical care is also crucial, as not doing so can impact a New York brain injury settlement amount. Your attorney can estimate how much your settlement is worth by calculating your economic and non-economic damages. Generally, it’s worth it to settle a brain injury lawsuit in New York instead of going to trial, as victims often require fast access to compensatory damages.

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    Estimating How Much Your New York Brain Injury Settlement is Worth

    If you have sustained a devastating brain injury in New York and have agreed to settle your lawsuit, you may be wondering how much you can recover in compensatory damages. In order to estimate your settlement, your Bronx personal injury attorney will assess certain factors, like fault and the impact your injuries have had on your life.

    Determine Fault

    While brain injuries are often devastating to New York victims, these lawsuits are not always simple. Because defendants face paying large settlement amounts in brain injury lawsuits, they may be more inclined to contest fault using New York’s comparative negligence laws. For example, a defendant may argue that a plaintiff was somewhat responsible for their brain injuries. Of course, our Queens personal injury attorneys will fight against such claims and illustrate a defendant’s fault throughout settlement negotiations.

    If multiple parties are at fault for your injuries, you may be able to recover more substantial compensatory damages in a brain injury lawsuit in New York. Generally, determining fault, and how many parties share it, is a large factor in estimating a New York brain injury settlement.

    Assess Severity

    Victims must seek the necessary medical care to get the highest settlement possible in a New York brain injury lawsuit. Maintaining regular visits with your doctor can help prove the severity of your injuries and your need for damages. Your medical records can greatly strengthen your claim against a negligent party and increase your potential settlement.

    Brain injuries can vary in severity. Getting the necessary medical care can corroborate your claim that your brain injury caused by a negligent party requires substantial damages in a New York settlement. When victims don’t seek medical care, their injuries may appear less significant, impacting the damages they can recover in a settlement.

    Calculate Economic Damages

    Generally speaking, a brain injury’s financial impact on a victim’s life is severe.  Brain injuries often require lengthy and expensive medical treatment. For some victims, life-long medical care is necessary. Your lawyer can estimate the economic impact of a negligent party’s actions by compiling your medical bills and outlining your expected care requirements in the future. Economic damages refer to any out-of-pocket expenses that stem from a brain injury, often including things like therapy.

    Because brain injuries are often so debilitating, they can impact victims’ ability to work and provide for their families. Lost wages often factor into brain injury settlements in New York. Your Corona, Queens personal injury lawyer will compile all of your lost wages due to a brain injury to estimate a lawsuit settlement amount. Future lost wages are also often a factor in such settlements, as brain injuries can cause permanent harm to New York victims.

    Estimate Non-Economic Damages

    A brain injury can forever alter a victim’s quality of life. The pain and suffering you have endured as a result of another’s negligence can call for a substantial settlement in a New York brain injury lawsuit. Generally, these damages are difficult to quantify. However, our experienced lawyers will help you recover non-economic damages so that you can begin emotionally healing from the injuries you have suffered.

    Is it Worth it to Accept a Brain Injury Settlement in New York?

    New York brain injury settlements can be substantial, but so can the damages awarded in a trial. So, New York victims need to learn whether it is worth it to accept a brain injury settlement or if they should proceed with a trial against a negligent party.

    Generally, it is worth accepting a brain injury settlement in New York. However, that is only the case if the settlement amount sufficiently covers the cost of your injuries and the impact they have had on your life. Victims should hire a skilled Brooklyn personal injury attorney to ensure this happens. The likelihood of an adequate settlement reduces when victims attempt to recover compensatory damages independently.

    It is true that damages in a brain injury trial are often greater than those victims recover in a settlement. However, if you choose to go to trial, there is no guarantee that you will recover compensatory damages. When both parties agree to settle a brain injury lawsuit in New York, it generally means that a victim will recover damages.

    When the evidence overwhelmingly supports a plaintiff, going to trial seeking more substantial damages may seem like the obvious choice. However, because brain injuries are so damaging and require expensive treatment, enduring a lengthy trial may not be wise for a victim.

    In many cases, it’s best to settle a brain injury lawsuit out of court. This often allows victims to recover sufficient compensatory damages sooner. When you have an experienced New York brain injury attorney by your side, settling will be worth it.

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