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Being hit by a bus can be a life-altering event.  You could be left with serious injuries and disabilities that require very expensive medical care, keep you from returning to work, and hurt your enjoyment of life.

For help getting compensation from the bus company and the driver who hit you, work with an experienced White Plains bus accident lawyer.  Whether you were on foot or driving a car when the accident occurred, you could be entitled to compensation for any injuries you faced.  It is important to work with an attorney instead of trusting the case values and payment amounts that the insurance company provides.  In many cases, these damages are insufficient, and you may need to take your case to court to get full compensation.

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Suing a Bus Company for Bus Accidents in White Plains, NY

Bus drivers can be held individually responsible for the accidents they cause like any other driver.  However, the companies they work for can also be held responsible for the accidents their drivers cause.  As long as the bus driver was working within the scope of their duties when the accident occurred, the bus company should be liable for the injuries their driver caused.  However, different bus companies are harder to sue than others.  Bus companies could also be held liable for other mistakes involving their own negligence, such as improper maintenance of their vehicles.

Suing Public vs. Private Bus Companies

Many bus companies operate in White Plains, from the MTA to school bus companies to private charter bus companies and bus travel companies.  Private bus companies can be held liable for their drivers’ mistakes in the way discussed above.  However, special rules might come into play when a case involves a government-operated bus.

Most school buses used for public schools are essentially working for the government.  The same is true with public transit buses from the MTA.  In these cases where the ultimate employer is the government, the driver and bus company should still be held liable.  However, there might be shorter notice requirements and other special rules your White Plains bus accident lawyers can help you follow.

Suing a Bus Company Directly

For some problems that lead to accidents, the bus company is directly responsible (potentially alongside being vicariously liable for their driver’s issues).  This happens in cases where something that the bus company did in its own capacity to contribute to the crash or put you in danger.

These cases most commonly deal with maintenance problems and other mechanical issues that the bus company failed to find and resolve.  They can also come up with regard to improper hiring and retention practices, where drivers that the company should have known would be dangerous were nonetheless put behind the wheel.  If a driver has a record of complaints for dangerous driving, tickets, or even DUIs, then they should be let go instead of kept on staff where they could cause more accidents and issues.

Sometimes bus companies are also liable for violations of federal transportation regulations.  There are driving hour limits, weight limits, and other rules that bus companies need to follow.  Talk to our White Plains bus accident lawyers if any of these issues caused your crash.

Damages in a White Plains Bus Accident Case

If you file an insurance claim against the bus company, you could be entitled to substantial damages for your injuries.  All bus companies and bus drivers carry insurance that will cover their passengers in the event of a crash.  These companies and drivers also have liability coverage that will cover damages they cause to someone else if the victim’s accidents meet certain severity thresholds under New York law.  However, lawsuits could entitle bus accident victims to higher damages.

Economic Damages from Insurance

When you file an insurance claim against a bus company’s PIP (personal injury protection) coverage, you are entitled only to economic damages such as medical bills and lost wages.  However, you could have been left with substantial pain and suffering after a serious bus accident injury.  These damages are not available in an insurance claim unless you can prove that your injuries are “severe,” and PIP does not cover non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

Economic and Non-Economic Damages from a Lawsuit

If your injuries do meet this “severe injury” threshold, you are also entitled to file a lawsuit instead of relying on insurance.  When you take your case to court with the help of an experienced White Plains bus accident lawyer, this could put additional pressure on the bus company and their insurance companies to settle for a fair value.  If the companies refuse to settle at a fair value that covers your needs, we can fight the case at trial to pursue full compensation.

When you file a lawsuit, pain and suffering damages will be one of the most important areas of compensation.  Your White Plains bus accident lawyers could also demand additional areas of compensation since any economic or non-economic damages related to your injury can be claimed in a lawsuit.

Punitive Damages

In some cases, “punitive damages” are even available against especially dangerous bus companies.  They will never pay these damages in a settlement, so a court case is the only way to get these additional payments.  However, punitive damages are rare.

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